• Red Aventurine Flame of Strength

    for perseverance

    $ 41.00$ 81.00
    You can make it through anything with this Red Aventurine Flame of Strength from Brazil. If you need to get through something challenging, red aventurine helps you stay alert and determined. It’s the ultimate “can-do” stone that clears trauma and releases stored toxins. Red aventurine...
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  • Lazurite in Quartz Cosmic Reboot Flame

    for repatterning

    $ 34.00$ 124.00
    Ever wish you could push the rewind button on life? This Lazurite in Quartz Cosmic Reboot Flame will help you do just that! This lazurite in quartz is a new find from Brazil! It contains greater levels of quartz (about 50 percent), making it super...
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  • Phantom Dream Amethyst Flame

    for deeper healing and protection

    $ 64.00$ 84.00
    Experience deep clearing, healing, and protection with this Phantom Dream Amethyst Flame. Phantom amethyst has a natural phantom crystal or ghost point outline inside it. This inner crystal outline is like a smaller image of the main crystal. Phantoms tell the stories of a crystal’s...
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