• Chakra Balancing Energetic Extractor

    for total alignment

    If you’re looking for a crystal healing tool to help you move and remove energy AND come into alignment, this Chakra Balancing Energetic Extractor from India is for you! Illness, disease, and pain are only stuck energy, and you CAN move it! This extractor has...
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  • Ultra Alignment 9 Chakra Gemstone Wand

    for complete energetic balance

    Move into complete energetic balance with this Ultra Alignment 9 Chakra Gemstone Wand, custom-made just for SG in India! This double-terminated wand incorporates a myriad of powerhouse gemstones - all designed with the purpose of balancing each chakra. Working with your chakras helps you to...
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  • Bloodstone 9 Chakra Pocket Wands for complete energetic balance

    Heal and move into energetic alignment with these powerful Bloodstone 9 Chakra Pocket Wands, custom-made just for us! These wands are made of bloodstone with a faceted clear quartz point at one end and a faceted sphere at the other, and nine cabochons down the...
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