• Blue Aura Candle Quartz Point

    for calm, hope, and light

    $ 14.00$ 24.00
    This Blue Aura Candle Quartz Point is suuuper fun and the quality is amazing. Blue or aqua aura is created when a crystal is bonded with gold, resulting in this blue hue. This candle quartz is treated with a gorgeous teal blue, and many of...
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  • Universal Peace Perfume for serenity and calm communication

    $ 29.00
    Once a part of my Peace Perfume Trio, this Universal Peace Perfume is so good, I had to offer it on its own! This is an incredible blend with notes of sandalwood for a calm mind, rose for an open heart, carnation for an uplifted...
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  • Blue Apatite Spirit Guide Spheres for spiritual attunement and direction

    $ 19.00$ 59.00
    If you’re desiring to connect with and hear from your spiritual team with greater ease and clarity, these Blue Apatite Spirit Guide Spheres are for you. Blue apatite is often called the Guidance Stone because it powerfully draws in the presence of your spirit guides...
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  • Tumbled Amazonite for speaking your truth with clarity

    $ 2.00$ 4.00
    This Tumbled Amazonite radiates such sweet, freeing energy! Its magic opens up the Throat Chakra, heals communication patterns, and soothes emotional trauma. Amazonite helps you speak your truth loud, strong, and with assurance. If you struggle to get the right words out and say what...
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  • Feminine Healing Malachite Eggs for renewal and nourishment

    $ 18.00$ 63.00
    Allow these Feminine Healing Malachite Eggs to nurture and sustain you. Malachite is such a special and powerful crystal. The most potent stone of feminine healing, malachite is a Heart Chakra powerhouse that aids feminine body systems and the phases of childbirth. It also enhances...
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  • Speak Your Truth Amazonite Cabochons for clear communication

    $ 64.00
    Speak your truth boldly and with gusto and heart with these beautiful Speak Your Truth Amazonite Cabochons. If one of your goals for 2020 is to speak up and with greater confidence, then amazonite is the gemstone you want to keep close. Amazonite is a...
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  • Stabilize Your Emotions Lazulite Specimens for emotional clarity

    $ 46.00$ 66.00
    There’s nothing wrong with being emotional. In fact, being emotional is a gift! Emotions provide insight and wisdom; they tune us in to the ever-changing currents of the Universe - and when you’re able to honor and master yours, possibility abounds. These Stabilize Your Emotions...
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