• Amazonite Angel of Truth

    for heartfelt sharing

    If you’re ready to connect with your inner wisdom and celestial guides, this Amazonite Angel of Truth is back! This stunning angel carving contains gorgeous shades of light blue and mint green with some streaks of light brown. Amazonite radiates such sweet, freeing energy. It’s...
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  • Celestial Connection Angelite Merkaba

    to talk to your angels

    Talk to your angels and release your worries into their heavenly hands with this soothing yet spiritually potent Celestial Connection Angelite Merkaba. Angelite is one of the first gems I ever worked with when I was just a teenager beginning my spiritual journey, and I...
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  • Chrysocolla and Clear Quartz Leather Necklace

    for authenticity

    Find freedom through speaking your truth with this Chrysocolla and Clear Quartz Leather Necklace. Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this stunning offering features a round chrysocolla cabochon strung on genuine brown suede leather. At each end of the cord is a natural clear quartz point...
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  • Denver Find: Amazonite and Chrysocolla Ring

    for speaking your truth

    Ready to speak up and be heard? This Amazonite and Chrysocolla Ring is the perfect ally! This stunning offering was custom-made for the Denver Gem Show. This .925 sterling silver ring has an adjustable band that showcases two triangular cabochons — one amazonite and the...
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  • Denver Find: Indicolite Pendant

    for psychic abilities

    I’m so excited to bring you this Indicolite Pendant — another incredible find from the Denver Gem Show! We’ve never offered indicolite, also known as blue tourmaline, in jewelry form before…so if this offering calls to you, don’t hesitate! This pendant features a gemmy indicolite...
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  • Blue Apatite Heart

    for guidance and support

    In need of a little direction? Gain clarity on your path with this Blue Apatite Heart. Blue apatite is a powerful emotional healer and is considered by many a guidance stone because it brings the wisdom of teachers, spirit guides, elders, and archangels. The heart-shaped...
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  • Empath Protection Gemstone Duo with Black Onyx and Blue Aragonite

    Do you ever struggle to create and maintain healthy boundaries? Or do other people’s emotions sometimes make you feel a little overwhelmed? This Empath Protection Gemstone Duo with Black Onyx and Blue Aragonite is perfect to help you protect your peace of mind. This offering...
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  • Amazonite Meditation Stone

    for enhanced communication

    Tap into the wisdom within and share it freely with the world with this Amazonite Meditation Stone from Brazil! Amazonite is a Throat Chakra gem that helps you speak your truth loud, strong, and with assurance. If you struggle to get the right words out...
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  • Vishuddha Chakra Bath Bomb

    for expressing your truth

    Do you find it easy to express yourself? Do you feel heard? If not, my Vishuddha Chakra Bath Bomb is the perfect ally to help you find your voice. Vishuddha is the Sanskrit name for Throat Chakra, and this soothing light blue bath bomb was...
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  • Bismuth Crescent Moon

    for channeling lunar wisdom

    Channel the wisdom and clarity of Luna herself with this NEW Bismuth Crescent Moon! I just love bismuth — and this custom-made moon is no exception! Bismuth is a naturally occurring metalloid on the periodic table, but it gains its rainbow of colors through a...
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  • Blue Apatite Spirit Guide Sphere

    for clarity and wisdom

    Are you looking to connect with your protectors in the spirit realm? If so, this Blue Apatite Spirit Guide Sphere from Madagascar is for you. Blue apatite is a guidance stone that calls on the wisdom of teachers, spirit guides, elders, and archangels. This Throat...
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  • Larimar and Aquamarine Ring for Healing Water Element Magic

    Are you ready to take the plunge into the depths of your psyche? This Larimar and Aquamarine Ring for Healing Water Element Magic is just what you need! Styled after one of my own rings, I had this piece custom-made just for Sage Goddess! This...
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  • 741 Hz Throat Chakra Wah Wah Tube

    for sound healing

    Do you like to use sound in your circles or healing rituals? If so, this 741 Hz Throat Chakra Wah Wah Tube is for you! It’s custom-made just for Sage Goddess with a teal blue painted finish and our logo and includes a mallet. This...
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  • Blue Kyanite and Blue Sapphire Pendant for Surviving Mercury Retrograde

    Thoughts of Mercury Retrograde got you down? Mercury goes retrograde often, and there’s no avoiding it — but now, you can stay calm, clear, and collected during this transit with this Blue Kyanite and Blue Sapphire Pendant for Surviving Mercury Retrograde. This .925 sterling silver...
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  • Blue Apatite Guidance Pillar

    for spirit guide connection

    Welcome a closer connection to your teachers and guides with this Blue Apatite Guidance Pillar. The stone for this stunning carving was sourced from Madagascar. We all have spirit guides who want to help us embody our highest purpose. They’re always with us, showing us...
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  • Mini Amazonite Vogel

    for healing communication patterns

    Find it hard to say what you mean? This Mini Amazonite Vogel is just what you need. This 6-sided Vogel is carved from amazonite, a gem that heals communication patterns, and soothes emotional trauma. A properly cut Vogel crystal is known to grant immediate access...
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