• Natural Indicolite in Quartz

    for psychic awareness

    Amplify your psychic connection with this NEW Natural Indicolite in Quartz. This super rare gem is only found in one mine in the world in Dara-I-Pech, Afghanistan — and I’m so excited to offer it to you! Indicolite, also known as blue tourmaline, is the...
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  • Angelite Sacred Geometry Wand

    for celestial magic

    This Angelite Sacred Geometry Wand is a tool of profound healing and celestial connection. Angelite is one of the first gems I ever worked with when I was just a teenager beginning my spiritual journey, and I still adore it. It’s a master healer stone...
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  • Grounded Truth Larimar with Red Hematite Meditation Stone

    This Grounded Truth Larimar with Red Hematite Meditation Stone is BACK to support your authentic expression from a place of stability. This extraordinary gem was sourced from the Dominican Republic and is a natural combination of larimar with streaks of stunning red hematite. Larimar is...
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  • Restore Your Faith Periwinkle Aura Quartz Point

    for spiritual connection

    Feeling spiritually disconnected? This Restore Your Faith Periwinkle Aura Quartz Point will help calm your spirit and elevate your vibration so you can rediscover and express your inner truth. Periwinkle aura quartz is created when clear quartz is bonded with gold, resulting in this gorgeous...
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  • Saturn Planetary Gemstone Duo

    to manifest your dreams

    Are you ready to manifest your dreams into reality? This Saturn Planetary Gemstone Duo is the perfect talisman for the journey. Saturn is entering Pisces on March 7, where it will stay until May 24, 2025 — the taskmaster meets the dreamer! Saturn is the...
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  • Tucson Unpacking: Keep Your Cool Blue Kyanite Keychain

    to stay aligned in bad traffic

    Ready for our latest find from the Tucson Gem Show? Stay calm and collected with this Keep Your Cool Blue Kyanite Keychain! This keychain is made with natural blue kyanite and set in metal alloy, and it’s the perfect piece for taking on the road...
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  • Tucson at Twilight: Natural Etched Beryl

    for crystal healing

    This Natural Etched Beryl is sourced from Brazil and it’s the kind of treasure you’ll only find at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. I’m so excited to offer its magic to you! What makes this offering SO special is its gorgeous etchings, formed by...
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  • Heal the Heartbreak Crystal Quad

    to soothe your soul

    We all experience heartache of some kind during our lives. Nurture your soul and give yourself some tender loving care with this Heal the Heartbreak Crystal Quad. This offering comes with a tumbled aquamarine, kunzite, and rhodonite, as well as a natural hiddenite. Gemstone quads...
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  • Mini Amazonite Clear Communication Sphere

    Let this Mini Amazonite Clear Communication Sphere help you speak your truth with ease. This offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone for this carving was sourced from China. Amazonite is a Throat Chakra stone that encourages speaking your truth clearly with...
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  • Aqua Aura Selenite Wand

    for clear communication

    Feel empowered and free to speak from your heart with this gorgeous Aqua Aura Selenite Wand. Aqua aura selenite is created when selenite is bonded with gold, resulting in its gorgeous blue hue and bringing auric purification, healing, and renewed vitality. Selenite is a sweet,...
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  • Speak Your Truth Amazonite Palm Stone

    for confident communication

    If you have something to say, go ahead and say it with this Speak Your Truth Amazonite Palm Stone! Amazonite is a form of feldspar that earned its moniker after a large deposit of the stone was found near the Amazon River in Brazil. This...
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  • Tucson at Twilight: Blue Kyanite in Quartz Channeling Stone

    for total alignment

    I have another STUNNING treasure from Tucson for you! This Blue Kyanite in Quartz Channeling Stone brings total and instant alignment to all seven of your chakras. It’s the MOST powerful stone for balancing your energetic system, and being in quartz amplifies its magic even...
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  • Tumbled Blue Topaz

    for healing and clarity

    It’s finally back in the shop! If you’re seeking clarity and deep emotional healing, this Tumbled Blue Topaz is the offering for you. Blue topaz starts out colorless, and goes through a process called irradiation – natural gamma rays from the surrounding environment interacted with...
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  • Rare Natural Blue Magnesio-Riebeckite in Quartz

    for growth

    This super unique stone is BACK! Clear anything in the way of your spiritual growth with this Rare Natural Blue Magnesio-Riebeckite in Quartz. It was found in the Zagi Mountains in Pakistan. Magnesio-riebeckite is a rare magnesium-rich form of riebeckite still fairly unknown in the...
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  • Throat Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl

    for expression

    Let your voice be heard with this Throat Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl! This stunning light blue ombre bowl was custom-made just for Sage Goddess to open and activate your Throat Chakra through the power of sound healing. This quartz-grade bowl is tuned to the G...
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  • Tumbled Amazonite

    for speaking your truth with clarity

    This Tumbled Amazonite radiates such sweet, freeing energy! Its magic opens up the Throat Chakra, heals communication patterns, and soothes emotional trauma. Amazonite helps you speak your truth loud, strong, and with assurance. If you struggle to get the right words out and say what...
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