• Sandalwood Coil Incense

    for a calm mind and gentle grounding

    $ 14.00
    If your mind thinks its sole job is to run a million miles a minute, this Sandalwood Coil Incense is your offering. I’m very excited to be offering this coil incense again! It’s custom-packaged just for SG and reminiscent of the snake – a  that...
  • Rose Coil Incense for attracting love, luck, and beauty

    $ 14.00
    Your space will be coming out smelling like...well, roses, with this Rose Coil Incense! Rose, known as “Queen of Flowers,” is prized for its beauty and swoon-worthy aroma. It’s a famous symbol of love, luck, youth, beauty, and attraction. Rose has one of the highest...
  • Lavender Coil Incense for relaxation and a calm mind

    $ 14.00
    Float in a scented sea of aromatic goodness with this Lavender Coil Incense! Lavender’s sweet herbal fragrance welcomes in internal peace, a calm mind, and relaxes the physical state. The Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans lavishly perfumed their skin, baths, and homes with lavender, and valued...
    Rated 5.00 out of 5

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