• Inner Wisdom Labradorite Owl

      to enhance intuition

      $31.39 with cupon code
      If you’re ready to expand your vision, this custom-made Inner Wisdom Labradorite Owl is your ally. Labradorite embodies potential, opens your senses, and is an excellent tool for setting new moon intentions. When carved into the shape of the owl spirit animal, its properties of...
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    • Inspired Evolution Opal and White Topaz Ring

      for profound transformation

      $94.17 with cupon code
      If you’ve been searching for transformation on a deep soul level, this Inspired Evolution Opal and White Topaz Ring is ready to guide you. Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this .925 sterling silver ring features a stunning prong-set opal with round pavé-set white topaz down...
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    • Inner Visions Covellite and Chalcopyrite Heart

      for intuition

      $57.67 - $70.08 with cupon code
      Elevate your intuition with this Inner Visions Covellite and Chalcopyrite Heart. The stone for this beautiful carving was sourced from Peru. Covellite is a potent Third Eye Chakra stone that helps unlock your psychic gifts. It promotes the ability to manifest psychic visions and dreams...
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    • Natural Blue Sapphire Crystal

      for clairvoyance and wisdom

      $4.38 - $8.03 with cupon code
      Natural Blue Sapphire Crystal If you’d like to strengthen your clairvoyant abilities and connect with universal wisdom, this Natural Blue Sapphire is for you. Blue sapphire is a Third Eye Chakra gemstone of awareness, wisdom, and intellectual stimulation. The Third Eye Chakra is the seat...
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    • Tumbled Auralite 23

      to enhance psychic gifts

      $2.19 - $4.38 with cupon code
      It’s BACK! If you’ve been searching for a way to tap into your innate psychic abilities, this Tumbled Auralite 23 is your offering! Auralite 23 comes from only one mine in Canada and is named after the Aurora Borealis light phenomenon. It’s a master healer...
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    • Polished Ulexite

      for telepathy

      $4.38 with cupon code
      Looking for a way to activate your telepathic abilities? This Polished Ulexite has the frequency you’ve been searching for. Ulexite is a high-vibrational stone that works like a magnifying glass — literally and figuratively. Every tiny spun-glass fiber of this magical gem transmits light, bringing...
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    • Tumbled Iolite

      for direction and clarity during travels

      $2.19 with cupon code
      Are you in the midst of change and need clarity and direction? If so, this Tumbled Iolite from Brazil is for you! Iolite, also known as cordierite, helps you find your way through the voyage of life. The Vikings used it to help them “see”...
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    • Double Terminated Labradorite New Moon Wishing Wand

      $14.60 - $21.90 with cupon code
      If you’re into new moon intentions, this Double Terminated Labradorite New Moon Wishing Wand from India is your gem best friend. Labradorite brings hope, possibility and ignites your inner fire like its brilliant fiery flashes of color sparkle from its darkness - and this piece...
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