• What Will Be Que Sera Sphere

    for peace through change

    “Let it be” with this What Will Be Que Sera Sphere. The stone for this gorgeous offering was sourced from Brazil. I first discovered que sera stone when I was a new mother, and my children were still very small. And even now, I consider...
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  • Cosmic Communication Dianite Generator

    for psychic gifts

    If you’ve been seeking an ally to help you develop all of your psychic gifts, then this RARE Cosmic Communication Dianite Generator is the offering for you. Dianite often comes from remote Siberia, and we sourced ours from Russia. This is a stone I’ve spent...
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  • Cosmic Communion Dianite Palm Stone

    for psychic gifts

    Activate your psychic abilities and connect with the higher realms with this Cosmic Communion Dianite Palm Stone, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. You’re looking at a stone I’ve been hunting down for YEARS. Dianite often comes from remote Siberia, and we sourced ours from Russia....
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  • Magic Rainbow Owl BeeBop

    for higher wisdom

    This Magic Rainbow Owl BeeBop is so adorable. It was custom-made for Sage Goddess and is perfect to place on your altar, in your car, or anywhere else that can use some spirit animal magic. The owl and its call have long been linked with...
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  • Cosmic Communion Dianite Sphere

    to access your most potent psychic gifts

    Athena here - and you are looking at a stone I have been hunting down for YEARS. I have searched, and at last we have found the elusive Dianite! It's not new to the world, but it's new to Sage Goddess and I am so...
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  • Labradorite Owl Carving

    for inner wisdom, intuition, and illumination

    If you’re ready to expand your vision, this Labradorite Owl Carving is your ally. This is the owl from one of our beloved new moon sets, now offered on its own. This piece makes a statement before we even get to the properties. Labradorite is associated...
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  • Clair Senses Perfume Trio for celebrating and integrating your spiritual gifts

    Do you hear, see, or feel things other people don’t pick up on? So many people in our community have the gift of more than one clair sense and my Clair Senses Perfume Trio is for anyone working with, developing, and exploring these gifts. It’s...
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  • Clairaudience Perfume for attuning to higher frequencies and other realms

    Can you “hear” beyond the sounds of normal, daily life? Do you find yourself audibly tuning into things that other people miss? Even about themselves? My Clairaudience Perfume was crafted for all of us who sense the silent whispers imperceptible to the normal ear. With...
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