• Denver Unpacking: Shake Your Money Maker Mini Smoky Citrine Generator

    for manifesting prosperity

    The treasure from Denver just keeps on coming! When I saw this Shake Your Money Maker Mini Smoky Citrine Generator at the Denver Gem Show, I just knew I had to bring a few of these cute yet potent gems back with me. Smoky citrine...
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  • Tumbled Citrine Manifestation Points

    for potent prosperity magic

    These Tumbled Citrine Manifestation Points are filled with potent prosperity magic and I’m excited for you to feel their energy for yourself. Citrine, also called the “merchant’s stone,” continually transforms your energy with its vibrant, expansive power. This gem’s sunny and bright disposition imparts wonder,...
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  • Athena’s Surprise Birthday Baskets

    for intuitively chosen gifts

    It’s my birthday… and I have a treat for YOU this year. I’m so excited to bring back Athena’s Surprise Birthday Baskets! These baskets come lovingly filled with a variety of intuitively chosen gemstones, PLUS each price point features an extra special gift included with...
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  • Polished Citrine Abundance Point

    for money magic

    Get your money mojo flowing with this Polished Citrine Abundance Point! This natural polished point promotes powerful manifestation and wealth. Citrine is known as the ‘merchant’s stone’ because it brings luck and prosperity to business. Citrine gets its vibrant hue from traces of iron, which...
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  • Tucson Unpacking: Natural Kundalini Citrine Point

    to awaken personal power

    Another gorgeous treasure from Tucson! Unleash your personal power and wield mighty manifestation energy with this Natural Kundalini Citrine Point. Kundalini citrine is rare and only found in Congo, and it’s prized for its powerful kundalini moving energy. Citrine, in general, is a powerful tool...
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  • Natural Magical Citrine Point

    for powerful manifestation

    Citrine is already a powerful tool for manifesting prosperity and abundance, but this Natural Magical Citrine Point is really EXTRA SPECIAL! Citrine’s sunny and bright disposition imparts wonder, delight, and enthusiasm — and draws money like a magnet. This offering also comes with a magical...
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  • Citrine Mini Sphere

    for BIG money magic

    Big things come in small packages, and this Citrine Mini Sphere packs a punch! It’s a powerful tool for manifestation and perfect for harnessing the energies of expansion and fruition. This powerful manifestation and money magic gemstone was sourced from India. Some of these pieces...
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  • Manifesting Wealth Wand

    for prosperity and growth

    Who couldn’t use more abundance these days? Well, get ready, this Manifesting Wealth Wand is here to help! This unique offering is a clear quartz double-terminated wand with a central bonded band of layered citrine, green aventurine, and pyrite – all stones of abundance and...
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  • Elemental Alignment Ring

    for balance and transformation

    This gorgeous Elemental Alignment Ring was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and is a powerful symbol of balance and harmony. It’s adjustable and features garnet from India, citrine from Madagascar, smoky quartz from Brazil, green onyx from India, and aquamarine from Brazil in descending order....
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  • Gemstone Phone Throne

    for crystal magic

    Infuse your devices with crystal magic with this Gemstone Phone Throne! This sleek stand was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and is made of brass, which brings an influx of confidence and wisdom. It’s also embellished with six stunning cabochons — lapis lazuli, citrine, amethyst,...
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  • Epidote, Citrine, and Emerald Mega Manifesting Ring

    Become a prosperity magnet with this Epidote, Citrine, and Emerald Mega Manifesting Ring! This adjustable ring was custom-made for Sage Goddess with three yellow gold-plated .925 sterling silver bands stacked on top of each other. Each band features a faceted prong-set gemstone that helps bring...
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  • Complete Alignment Chakra Plate Collection for energetic balance

    Working with this Complete Alignment Chakra Plate Collection is such a powerful way to bring all of your energy centers into balance! Place these stunning pieces on your altar to charge all of your favorite magical tools, or as coasters to infuse your coffee or...
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  • Tumbled African Citrine: Small

    for money manifestation

    This Tumbled African Citrine is a powerful tool for manifestation and perfect for harnessing the energies of expansion and fruition! Citrine is a gem of mental clarity, money magic, and prosperity. It heals the Solar Plexus Chakra, restores self-esteem and confidence, and is known as...
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  • Mega Prosperity Citrine and Clear Quartz with Emerald and Jade Wandlet Necklace

    Align with the energy streams of abundance and success with this Mega Prosperity Citrine and Clear Quartz with Emerald and Jade Wandlet Necklace! This gorgeous offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess with citrine sourced from Brazil, clear quartz from the United States, emerald from...
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  • Citrine Perfume

    for manifestation and money magic

    Ready to invite more prosperity and abundance into your life? If so, my Citrine Perfume is the offering for you! This scent was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with notes of honeysuckle, bergamot, and rose. It’s inspired by citrine — the golden stone...
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  • 3-in-1 Spiritual Badass Point

    citrine-on-quartz with amethyst trapiche

    Are you ready for supercharged soul abundance? Experience MEGA empowerment and prosperity straight from the Divine with this 3-in-1 Spiritual Badass Point, sourced from Brazil. This gem is BRAND NEW to the crystal world — I’m so excited to be offering it in the shop!...
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