• Ceremony Intention Tea Lights

    for ritual magic

    My Ceremony Intention Tea Lights are brimming with powerful ceremonial magic. As a priestess, healer, and energy worker, every day is a ceremony for me, and I created these tea lights to help me prepare sacred space and call in higher realm vibrations to guide...
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  • Elder Council Mist

    for journeywork and divine guidance

    My Elder Council Mist is BACK! When I seek deep, life-altering wisdom, I go to the elders. The elders are your soul’s lineage, the powerful Wise Ones who gather outside the realms of time to offer guidance from the spirit world. This sacred place is...
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  • Four Elements Intention Votive Collection

    Water. Air. Earth. Fire. Which element do you want to work with as you transform your life and support others through their transformations? Whichever one you’re called to, my new Four Elements Intention Votive Collection will meet your elemental needs. I am so excited to...
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