• Hand Carved Andean Condor Symbology Tiles for ancestral connection

    $ 79.00
    These intricately Hand Carved Andean Condor Symbology Tiles are simply gorgeous and reminders of our connection with the spirit animal realm. Hand-carved in Peru from alabaster, a stone that promotes centering and motivates mental stimulation, these tiles feature Kunture, the Condor, a traditional and revered...
  • Fluorite Penguin Carvings 3″

    $ 17.50
    Qty- 1 Size- 3" These Fluorite Penguin Carvings are such an incredible offering to adorn your space with, or to gift to anyone in need of a little gemstone magic. Penguins represent an indomitable spirit, channeling qualities of adaptability, resilience, compassion, and love. The body...

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