• Egyptian Dream Power Pillars for peaceful sleep and enhanced intuition

      $30.80 with coupon code
      Could you use a talisman that brings pleasant dreams and ensures that you enjoy a good night’s rest? If so, these Egyptian Dream Power Pillars are your offering and will rock you into a peaceful sleep, free of nightmares and night terrors. These obelisks are...
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    • Tiger’s Eye Cat Paws for wisdom protection, and balance

      $14.63 with coupon code
      Peer into the darkness with courage and wisdom with these Tiger’s Eye Cat Paws. Known as the Counsel Stone, tiger’s eye brings wisdom, courage, protection, discernment, and the ability to see ahead. Associated with Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, the arts, and strategic warfare,...
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    • Self-Standing Lapis Lazuli Wishing Spheres for intuition and empowerment

      $46.20 - $53.90 with coupon code
      Like your innate intuition, these Self-Standing Lapis Lazuli Spheres stand on their own! They’re made of lapis lazuli, known as the Queen’s Stone. This gem enhances intuition, wisdom, and insight. Lapis lazuli also encourages confidence, courage, and good fortune. This special crystal represents telepathic conductivity...
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    • Bamboo Coral Protection Bracelets for safety, grounding, and action

      $26.95 with coupon code
      These stretchy Bamboo Coral Protection Bracelets are beautiful pieces of power and physical strength. Each features faceted drum cut red bamboo coral with a rose gold-colored Sage Goddess engraved bead. This bracelet is an exclusive SG design and you won’t find it anywhere else. Red...
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    • Dazzling Green Zebra Jasper Generators to arouse the wild within

      $46.20 with coupon code
      Get motivated and get shining with these Dazzling Green Zebra Jasper Generators! A herd of zebras is called a Dazzle - a great word to describe the energy of green zebra jasper! This stone awakens the wild within you, offers inspiration, and helps you push...
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    • Adi Shakti Infinite Palm Stones for primal power and kundalini awakening

      $20.02 with coupon code
      Awaken kundalini energy and connect to your primal power with these Adi Shakti Infinite Palm Stones. Each palm stone is engraved in golden color with the mantra Adi Shakti, which translates to “I bow to the primal power.” They also hold the magic of infinite,...
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    • Scarlet Full Moon Set: Tools for Aquarius full moon ritual with Athena

      $30.03 - $60.83 with coupon code
      Today the full moon is in Aquarius and we are celebrating the Scarlet Moon. This Scarlet Full Moon Set contains our exclusive tools for my online Full Moon ritual tonight, August 3. Aquarius is the free thinker. It seeks to liberate from the past and...
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    • Change of Heart Pink Opal Wands for a new perspective in love

      $26.18 - $56.98 with coupon code
      It’s OK to forgive and shift how you’ve perceived a certain person or situation. If you find yourself releasing any boundaries around a situation that hurt you in the past, these Change of Heart Pink Opal Wands will assist you in continuing this work. Pink...
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    • Sodalite Dreamcatcher Pyramids for peaceful sleep and expanded vision

      $14.63 - $30.03 with coupon code
      If you’re having a hard time sleeping, you’re in good company. Difficult times tend to keep our minds racing and grasping for certainty. Sodalite is the Dreamcatcher Stone that assists in releasing fears of the unknown. It helps you get a good night’s rest with...
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    • Youthful Beauty Brecciated Mookaite Jasper Cabochons

      $34.65 with coupon code
      Add a little youthful energy to your life with these Youthful Beauty Brecciated Mookaite Jasper Cabochons. Mookaite jasper is a stone of beauty that’s like the fountain of youth in crystal form. This gem promotes graceful aging and keeps both your physical and spiritual bodies...
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    • Grounding and Stabilizing Noreena Jasper Cabochons

      $42.35 with coupon code
      These Grounding and Stabilizing Noreena Jasper Cabochons are some new magic for Sage Goddess. Noreena jasper is a newer stone from Western Australia. It was named after the property where it was first found - Noreena Station. This beautiful stone strengthens, heals, comforts, and brings...
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    • Angel Magic Chrysoberyl obelisks for infinite abundance from the Universe

      $60.83 with coupon code
      These Angel Magic Chrysoberyl Obelisks are super special and a rare treat. Chrysoberyl is the stone of infinite abundance from the Universe. When your will is aligned with your heart, true abundance becomes manifest, and these chrysoberyl obelisks are here to assist you in doing...
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    • Blue kyanite polished bead strands for alignment and Throat Chakra magic

      $9.24 with coupon code
      Get ready to up your jewelry-making game with these beautiful blue kyanite polished bead strands. Each of these strands features spear-shaped blue kyanite beads, perfect for your arts and crafting needs! Blue kyanite is the most powerful gem for balance and alignment. It connects you...
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    • Amplified Freedom Clear Quartz Stallions for vitality and inner strength

      $14.63 with coupon code
      Independence. Hope. Liberation. These Amplified Freedom Clear Quartz Stallions are magical talismans that radiate with the courageous spirit of the stallion. As the Mantaka say, “You do not choose a spirit animal as your personal spirit guide. The spirit chooses you, and then they decide...
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