• Beltane Crystal Quad

      for sparking passion & fueling creativity

      <p>We designed this offering to help you harness the passion, creativity, and unapologetic pleasure that the high holiday Beltane brings. It comes with four powerhouse crystals that turn on desire, awaken sensuality, and pack a fiery punch.</p>
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    • Flame of Desire Carnelian, Pyrope Garnet, and Citrine Pendant

      charged in ritual with Athena

      Ignite otherworldly passion, creativity, and manifestation magic with this Flame of Desire Carnelian, Pyrope Garnet, and Citrine Pendant! This gorgeous pendant was custom-made just for Sage Goddess out of gold-plated .925 sterling silver and also includes a matching chain. It’s shaped like a flame, with...
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    • Clear Quartz & Carnelian Wand

      for amplifying your passion & creativity

      <p>This custom-made, faceted clear quartz wand features a metal band around its center, supporting a juicy, oval carnelian cabochon. Work with it to ignite your passion, desire, and creative energy.</p>
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    • Ignite Your Passion Carnelian Bracelet

      to turn up the heat

      Turn up the heat with this Ignite Your Passion Carnelian Bracelet! This gorgeous stretch bracelet is made with carnelian, a gem of fire that brings passion, courage, and a creative spark. Fire medicine is transformative, transmutative, and the fuel that ignites the embers of creativity....
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    • Beltane Carnelian & Citrine Pendant

      for sacred sensuality

      <p>This whimsical .925 sterling silver pendant features a flame shape, where gold-plating flickers in front of an off-black antique background. This pendant showcases a juicy carnelian pear-shaped cabochon and a round, faceted citrine accent stone.</p>
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    • 7 Chakra Crystal Pen Set

      for total alignment

      <p>Each pen is topped with corresponding colored glass stones and showcases the SG logo. Work with this set to take notes on your life, dreams, and thoughts. Keeping these pens around for your shopping list or quick notes will bring magic and happiness to your day!</p>
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    • Sensual Shakti Carnelian, Peach Moonstone, and Serpentine Mala

      Strengthen your connection to your primal power with this Sensual Shakti Carnelian, Peach Moonstone, and Serpentine Mala. Custom-made just for Sage Goddess with stone sourced from India, this mala is inspired by the Hindu goddess Shakti, who represents the primal feminine force of creation and...
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    • Get Focused Set

      for clarity and concentration

      <p>This includes a bottle of my Focus Perfume, a carefully curated Focus Gemstone Set – including a clear quartz point, fluorite octahedron, hypersthene, tiger’s eye, and carnelian – along with a custom-designed Focus Plate for showcasing your set.</p>
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    • 9 Chakra Ear Wrap Pin

      for energetic alignment

      Align your energy centers and look super chic at the same time! Custom-made just for SG, this stunning 9 Chakra Ear Wrap Pin is a trendy earring that goes through the lobe piercing and loops over the top of the ear. This earring does not...
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    • Mystic Mermaids Carnelian Mirror

      for empowering elegance

      Invoke the ocean's deep mystery and timeless beauty with this Mystic Mermaids Carnelian Mirror, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. This gorgeous piece features an antiqued metal alloy mermaid and merman wrapped in a loving embrace around a circular glass mirror — their entangled tails forming...
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    • Chakra Healing Pendant

      for energetic alignment

      A healthy mind, body, and spirit begins with proper energy flow! Activate and align your energy centers with this Chakra Healing Pendant. This gorgeous pendant features a flowing cascade of seven tumbled stones, all sourced from Brazil and bezel-set in gold-colored metal alloy. Each of...
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    • Seven Forms of Love Gemstone Set

      for loving vibrations

      They say love is the highest frequency — through it, anything is possible. If you’re looking for a vibrational boost in this area, this NEW Seven Forms of Love Gemstone Set was made for you! This set contains seven crystals that invoke seven different types...
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    • Living Magic August 2023 Tools: Grounded Passion Hematite and Carnelian Snake Wandlet Pendant

      If you missed out on my August 2023 Living Magic Tools, not to worry! The magic of this Grounded Passion Hematite and Carnelian Snake Wandlet Pendant is now available on its own. Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this stunning pendant is a small double-terminated wandlet...
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    • Intuitively Chosen Agate and Gemstone Pendant

      for sacred adornment

      Looking for a stunning new piece of crystal magic to add to your jewelry collection? Your search is over with this Intuitively Chosen Agate and Gemstone Pendant! This pendant features a dyed agate slice edged in a silver-colored metal alloy and adorned with three small...
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    • Spice Up Your Life Carnelian Sphere

      for passion

      Brace yourself: We’re bringing sexy back with this fiery Spice Up Your Life Carnelian Sphere! Carnelian, also known as red agate, is the gemstone version of caffeine. It enhances endurance and stamina for heightened creativity, pleasure, sensuality, and passion. And who doesn’t need more stamina...
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    • Passion and Power Carnelian Obelisk

      for desire

      Tap into your fire, desire, and strength with this Passion and Power Carnelian Obelisk. This gorgeous piece was custom-made for Sage Goddess and the stone was sourced from India - and it really is a powerhouse! Carnelian, also known as red agate, is the gemstone...
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