• Intuitively Chosen Agate Butterfly

      for protected growth

      Call on security and protection through periods of expansion with this Intuitively Chosen Agate Butterfly. This offering is NEW to Sage Goddess and each piece contains different variations of orange, yellow, white, and/or gray agate – some even hold amazing druzy pockets! Agate is a...
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    • Love and Sweetness Rose Quartz Butterfly

      for joy

      Open your heart and let your spirit soar with this Love and Sweetness Rose Quartz Butterfly! This beautiful piece is carved in the shape of a butterfly, an iconic symbol of transformation that represents the soul, joy, change, and color. Butterfly teaches us to open...
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    • Interdimensional Wisdom Bismuth Butterfly

      This custom-made Interdimensional Wisdom Bismuth Butterfly isn’t just a beautiful emblem of transformation – it’s also a powerful tool for flying to other realms! Bismuth is a naturally occurring metalloid on the periodic table, but it gains its rainbow of colors through a process of...
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