• Butterfly Sphere Stand

    to showcase your gems

    This Butterfly Sphere Stand is the perfect piece to display your crystal sphere collection. It’s custom-made just for Sage Goddess in golden color, and it can safely hold your precious gemstone spheres or eggs. The butterfly is an iconic symbol of transformation and represents joy...
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  • Evolving Butterfly Perfume Bottle

    for metamorphosis

    Honor your metamorphosis and showcase your favorite Sage Goddess scents with this exquisite Evolving Butterfly Perfume Bottle! This vintage amber-colored bottle is made of glass and adorned with amber-colored rhinestones - reminiscent of the color of autumn leaves. It features intricate bronze flower details and...
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  • Light and Shadow Mugs to illuminate your path during shadow work

    Through the shadow, one finds the light. That’s the message of these Light and Shadow Mugs. These were specially made for SG and feature the SG Soul Shift butterfly, shadow moth, and SG logo printed on all three sides. This is the time we’re called...
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