• Beauty of the Moment Butterfly Shaman Drum

    Pull your spirit into the present and channel divine healing, centeredness, and joy with this Beauty of the Moment Butterfly Shaman Drum! This drum was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in Bali and features a goatskin drumhead and meranti wood frame. It also comes with...
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  • Beautiful Butterfly BeeBop

    for joyful transformation

    Embrace change with joy and gratitude with this Beautiful Butterfly BeeBop! This piece features a colored butterfly atop a faceted glass sphere. It’s part of our collection of glass pieces that we at Sage Goddess have come to refer to as ‘beebops.’ They’re little pops...
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  • Embrace Transformation Butterfly and Dragonfly Zircon Necklace Set

    This Embrace Transformation Butterfly and Dragonfly Zircon Necklace Set is here to support and guide you through any period of evolution! It contains two sacred adornments featuring powerful spirit animals representing change and transformation – butterfly and dragonfly. It also includes three custom purple velvet...
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  • Mixed Color Tourmaline Butterfly Ring

    for transformation

    This BRAND NEW Mixed Color Tourmaline Butterfly Ring will inspire you to break through your cocoon and see the world through fresh eyes. This gorgeous gold-plated .925 sterling silver adjustable ring was custom-made for Sage Goddess. It features three pieces of mixed color tourmaline carved...
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  • Transform Yourself Gemstone Butterfly

    for taking flight

    Spread your wings and soar upon the winds of change with this NEW Transform Yourself Gemstone Butterfly! The stones for this offering were sourced from Brazil. The butterfly is an iconic symbol of transformation that brings forth energies of prosperity, happiness, and vision. Those who...
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  • Butterfly Flash Tattoos

    for celebrating transformation

    These Butterfly Flash Tattoos are one of my favorite designs! They remind you that you’re not alone on your transformational journey. You all know that I love my flash tattoos, especially the metallic variety you always see me wearing. I love them so much that...
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  • Fly Free Zircon Butterfly Pendant

    for manifesting change

    Manifest the positive change you want to see in your life with this NEW Fly Free Zircon Butterfly Pendant! I know how much you LOVE these pendants, and I’m so happy to share this piece with you. This gorgeous pendant is made from copper-coated nickel-free...
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  • Moss Agate Butterfly

    for balance during transformation

    Find your center and stay balanced through times of metamorphosis with this Moss Agate Butterfly! Moss agate provides grounding and security, nourishing the seeds of your dreams to blossom and bear fruit. It brings peace, harmony, patience, and stamina to handle life’s challenges. The butterfly...
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  • Butterfly Sphere Stand

    to showcase your treasures

    Looking for the perfect piece to display your crystal sphere collection? This Butterfly Sphere Stand is for you! It’s custom-made just for Sage Goddess in a golden color, and it can safely hold your precious gemstone spheres or eggs. We like spheres at Sage Goddess...
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  • Peaceful Transformation Amethyst Butterfly

    for change

    Change isn’t always easy, but support is on its way! Unfurl your wings while maintaining your inner calm with this Peaceful Transformation Amethyst Butterfly. This gorgeous amethyst has been carved into a butterfly shape to represent the transitions we all go through in life and...
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  • Sunset Aura Quartz Butterfly

    for passion, love, and joy

    This Sunset Aura Quartz Butterfly brings serious Sacral Chakra magic! It was carved into a lovely butterfly shape just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from China. Sunset aura quartz is bright pink-orange aura quartz, the result of permanent bonding of iridium and...
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  • Transformation Intention Candle

    for true inner change

    Transformation isn't always easy - ask a butterfly, but with patience and perseverance, the end result is just as beautiful. If you're looking to make a major shift, it always starts with inner change, and my Transformation Intention Candle is the perfect offering to support...
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  • Evolving Butterfly Perfume Bottle

    for metamorphosis

    Honor your metamorphosis and showcase your favorite Sage Goddess scents with this exquisite Evolving Butterfly Perfume Bottle! This vintage amber-colored bottle is made of glass and adorned with amber-colored rhinestones - reminiscent of the color of autumn leaves. It features intricate bronze flower details and...
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