• Smooty Smooth Booty Coffee Scrub

      for a super fine booty

      No ‘ifs’ or ‘ands’ — just good butts! My Smooty Smooth Booty Coffee Scrub is BACK to wake up that goddess skin. I’m excited to have this coffee scrub back in the shop — perfect for giving you a smooooooth booty. This handcrafted scrub is...
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    • Vesica Piscis Perfume

      for sacred unions & inspired creation

      <p>I designed this blend to transport your consciousness to that cosmic womb, where complementary forces converge to create something transformative. We handcrafted it with notes of fig, brown sugar, citrus, and lavender.</p>
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    • Calavera Perfume

      to honor Día de los Muertos

      If you celebrate Día de los Muertos, My Calavera Perfume is the perfect offering for you. It honors the Calavera - a traditional or artistic representation of the human skull, like sugar skulls. It’s one of the most recognized symbols of Día de los Muertos...
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