• Peacock Tray with 7-Chakra Gem Set

    for energetic balance

    $ 44.00
    Show off your true colors with this Peacock Tray with 7-Chakra Gem Set! The peacock feather is the insignia and essence of Sage Goddess, and it’s captured beautifully in this custom offering. The peacock spirit animal encourages you to fan the flames of creativity and...
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  • Que Sera Palm Stone

    for a peaceful heart and mind

    $ 14.00$ 24.00
    This Que Sera Palm Stone from China radiates such tender, peaceful magic. I first discovered que sera when I was a new mother and my children were still very small. Even now, I consider this gem the Motherhood Stone because it keeps your mind calm...
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  • Natural Chilean Blue Opal

    for finding your voice

    $ 9.00$ 24.00
    Find your voice and speak from a place of authenticity with this Natural Chilean Blue Opal from Chile. Blue opal is a stone of communication, creativity, and genuine expression. Opal, in general, is a transformative stone of power and Divine inspiration. It connects you to...
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  • Que Sera What Will Be Sphere

    for allowance, acceptance, and healing

    $ 39.00$ 59.00
    “Let it be” is the message contained in this Que Sera What Will Be Sphere. Even with our best intentions and actions, we know that ultimately what will be, will be. And sometimes that’s the medicine we need - to know when to keep pushing...
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