• Power and Light Grid

    for holiday harmony and family connection

    Whether you’re close to your family – physically or emotionally – or not, you still hold a strong bond with them. The holidays can bring up challenging emotions but also connection and joy. This NEW Power and Light Grid is here to illuminate and raise...
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  • Venus and Mars Planetary Orgone Pyramid

    for passion

    Ignite love, passion, and otherworldly creative power with this Venus and Mars Planetary Orgone Pyramid! This is the second addition to our brand new series of planetary orgone pyramids. It was custom-made just for Sage Goddess with rose quartz from India, carnelian from Madagascar, and...
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  • Planetary Orgone Pyramid: Sun and Moon

    for light within and without

    Connect with the cosmos with this gorgeous Planetary Orgone Pyramid: Sun and Moon! This is the first in our BRAND NEW series of planetary orgone pyramids, custom-made just for Sage Goddess with gems sourced from India. It features sunstone and moonstone floating spheres symbolizing the...
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  • Blue Goldstone Starry Night Ring

    for new realms of wisdom

    Bring the magic of the heavens with you wherever you go with this Blue Goldstone Starry Night Ring! This stunning adjustable ring was custom-made for SG and features a beautiful blue goldstone set in .925 sterling silver. The shapes will vary so please allow my...
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  • Tumbled Blue Goldstone for speaking your truth and divine connection

    If you’re looking for divine connection and the courage to speak your truth, this Tumbled Blue Goldstone is your offering. Although man-made, its deep indigo coloring feels like you’re holding the magic of the night sky in your hands. Blue goldstone is a shimmering stone...
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