• Triple Moon Brass Bell

      for sound healing & moon magic

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Bells are said to attract positive spirits, and we use them as a call to ritual and prayer. They symbolize beginnings and endings and are associated with expansion of consciousness and spiritual connection.</span></p>
    • Brass Bell Wall Hanging

      for spiritual connection

      <p>This hanging was custom-made and features a handmade brass bell suspended from a hand-embroidered ribbon of sari silk. Bells are said to attract positive spirits and are used as a call to ritual and prayer.</p>
    • Hanging Brass Bells

      for sound healing

      Do you love being serenaded by the rhythmic sounds of chimes? If so, you’ll love these Hanging Brass Bells. I have some of these bells myself, and I work with them as a tool to train my dog — give it a try with your...
    • Living Magic January 2023 Tools: Brass Bell

      for sacred rituals

      If you missed out on our January 2023 Living Magic tools, now’s your chance to get this gorgeous Brass Bell! This stunning brass piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and would make an excellent addition to any altar. It features intricate filigree engravings and...

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