• Wolf Intention Candle

      to reconnect with your wild nature

      $15.00 with coupon code
      <p>This stunning woodsy blend powerfully evokes the energy of the cunning guardians of the night who sing their praises to the Moon. Light this candle to revisit your wild spirit and tap into the mysteries of the night.</p>
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    • Vetiver Initiation Balm

      to balance mind, body, and soul

      $15.00 with coupon code
      My Vetiver Initiation Balm is BACK! It was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with pure vetiver essential oil and a skin-nourishing balm base of babassu oil, beeswax, cocoa beans, avocado butter, and shea butter. Vetiver, also known as Ruh Khus, has a centuries-long...
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    • Sphalerite Grounding and Balancing Druzy Sphere

      $21.75 - $25.50 with coupon code
      Get your head out of the clouds with this NEW custom-made Sphalerite Grounding and Balancing Druzy Sphere! Sphalerite is among the few gems that can align and activate multiple chakras. This gem holds particular power over the lower energetic centers, helping you to discern between...
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    • Lavender Rose Quartz: Medium Tumbled

      for strength in love

      $3.00 with coupon code
      How’s your heart doing? If it could use a little tender loving care, this Tumbled Lavender Rose Quartz from Brazil is for you. Rose quartz is the mother of all stones. It symbolizes universal love and Agape - selfless, unconditional, and spiritual love. This Heart...
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    • Healing Harmony Mini Green Agate Sphere

      for wholeness

      $3.75 with coupon code
      Do you need more balance in your life? If so, this Healing Harmony Mini Green Agate Sphere is your gem ally. Green agate resonates with the Heart Chakra and brings love, compassion, and wholeness. This sphere is color-enhanced, which adds to its luster and depth...
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    • Lepidolite Peace Pyramid

      for balance and serenity

      $21.75 with coupon code
      Welcome in the most calming vibrations with this Lepidolite Peace Pyramid. This gorgeous piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from India. Lepidolite is a natural, crystalized form of lithium that grows with tourmaline and kunzite. It lightens moods, regulates...
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    • Tumbled Green Kyanite

      for healing and peace

      $3.00 - $4.50 with coupon code
      If you’re looking for peace, healing, and access to worlds beyond, this Tumbled Green Kyanite from Pakistan is for you. Green kyanite resonates with the Heart and Root Chakras. It opens portals to inner domains and supports astral travel. Green kyanite also helps you access...
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    • Natural Amphibole Quartz

      for releasing old patterns

      $3.00 - $9.75 with coupon code
      This Natural Amphibole Quartz from Brazil holds potent shielding and healing vibrations that help you release old traumas and patterns. It’s a powerful Heart Chakra stone that opens the heart space to allow divine healing to flow in. Amphibole quartz heals the energy body and...
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    • Garnet Protection and Grounding Cube

      for keeping you safe and anchored

      $25.50 with coupon code
      Harness the shielding and rooting vibrations of this Garnet Protection and Grounding Cube. Garnet is a calming, balancing, and stabilizing Root Chakra gem that pulls you back to center. This cube is great medicine for the challenging times we live in. Meditate with this piece...
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    • Grounding and Vitality Red Quartz for strength and positive action

      $7.50 - $16.50 with coupon code
      If you’re looking for a tool to help you ground higher vibrational energies, this Grounding and Vitality Red Quartz will serve you well. Red quartz encourages positive action and magnetizes energy, making it a great choice for bringing thoughts and visions into form. It’s also...
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