• Tumbled Black Lemurian Jade

      for psychic protection & inner journeying

      <p>Black Lemurian jade is a rare combination of jade, magnetite, pyrite, and quartz. It harnesses and magnifies the properties of these stones, helping to simultaneously nourish, rejuvenate, and center you.</p>
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    • Shungite Octahedral Pyramid of Purification

      This Shungite Octahedral Pyramid of Purification was custom-made for Sage Goddess in India, and it’s the ultimate tool for energetic clearing - especially in the realm of abundance. Shungite is THE most powerful energetic filter. The ancient Romans even used it to line their aqueducts...
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    • 5G Protection Shungite Slice

      for filtering energy

      Keep those low-vibrational energies at bay with this 5G Protection Shungite Slice. Shungite is almost pure carbon, which is a master healer. It’s the most powerful energetic filter. If you’ve ever worked with it, you know how potent this stone is! If you work a...
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    • Angel Aura Quartz Disco Ball Sphere

      for mystical enchantment

      Call in the enchantment and psychic wisdom of the higher realms with this Angel Aura Quartz Disco Ball Sphere. Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this stunning sphere features 48 facets. Angel aura is a treatment of platinum, silver, and gold bonded to a gem —...
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    • Angel Aura Clear Quartz Full Moon Sphere

      for connection

      Connect with both lunar and angelic energies with this NEW Angel Aura Clear Quartz Full Moon Sphere. This gorgeous sphere truly looks like the moon with the iridescent glow of the angel aura treatment making it shimmer and shine –  it even has craters on...
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