• Indigo Aura Selenite Ajna Wand

    for psychic awakening

    Awaken your psychic abilities with this Indigo Aura Selenite Ajna Wand! It’s a powerful tool for opening your Third Eye, or Ajna, Chakra - the seat of your intuition. This energy center is located at your forehead between your eyes, and receiving wisdom beyond our...
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  • Angel Aura Rose Quartz Heart

    to call in a higher love

    Call in a higher love with this Angel Aura Rose Quartz Heart! Angel aura rose quartz is a Heart Chakra crystal that’s perfect for heart healing and manifesting all kinds of love. The heart-shaped carving symbolizes Divine Love, adding properties of kindness, emotional connection, and...
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  • Angel Aura Quartz Crescent Moon

    for intention setting and celestial help

    This Angel Aura Quartz Crescent Moon is simply out of this world and is sure to become one of your new favorite collectibles. Angel aura quartz is a gemstone that enhances communication and connection with higher realms, spirit guides, and past lives. It activates the...
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  • Elaborate Aura Quartz OMGoddess Crowns

    for honoring your inner queen

    Adorn yourself like royalty with these Elaborate Aura Quartz OMGoddess Crowns! We’ve offered crowns in the past, but nothing as detailed and intricate as these stunning pieces. These were custom designed and handmade for Sage Goddess and they’re just unbelievably pretty! Each features gorgeous aura...
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  • Aura Amazonite Throat Chakra Flames

    for healing communication patterns

    These Aura Amazonite Throat Chakra Flames are here and alive with color magic! Aura amazonite is created when amazonite is bonded with metals, creating an iridescent metallic sheen and reflection of brilliant rainbows. Amazonite radiates such sweet, freeing energy! Its magic opens up the Throat...
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  • Denver Find: Violet Ray Kyanite for protection and cosmic connection

    This Violet Ray Kyanite is mesmerizing! I saw it at The Denver Gem Show and knew I had to bring it back for you. Connecting the shielding and clearing of kyanite to the tremendous spiritual power of the Violet Ray, this stone is not to...
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  • Titanium Aura Citrine Mini-Clusters for success and spirit contact

    Anyone who knows me can imagine how crazy I went when I first saw these titanium aura citrine mini-clusters. These are a new staple tool for your abundance altar and any prosperity meditations or rituals.  Not only are they gorgeous, but they’re energetically potent tools...
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