• Strawberry Quartz Happy Buddha

    to raise your vibration

    Experience true happiness from a place of deep peace and contentment with this Strawberry Quartz Happy Buddha. This piece was custom-made for Sage Goddess, and the stone is sourced from China. Buddha is the quintessence of enlightenment. He represents your utmost, nonphysical awakening – the...
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  • Ruby Zoisite Life Force Sphere

    for vitality and growth

    Boost your passion and vitality with this Ruby Zoisite Life Force Sphere! Ruby zoisite is the stone of life force. It’s about love and growth and the balance of both. Ruby and zoisite grow naturally together and they’re the perfect combination of fire and earth...
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  • Cherry Blossom Perfume

    for hope and gratitude

    My Cherry Blossom Perfume is BACK and will have your spirit blooming with hope and gratitude! To me, the cherry blossom is the consummate sign of spring. When you see this gorgeous flower blooming, you know that winter is waning and warmer days are just...
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