• Hypersthene Rings for mental clarity, mood stabilization, and integrating the shadow

    These stunning hypersthene rings offer control, presence, and centeredness - for even the most chaotic of minds. If your thoughts tend to move quickly and sporadically, this offering is for you. Wear one of these rings to center your mind and spirit; allow the magic...
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  • Sodalite Generators with Reve Perfume Sample for banishing fear

    I absolutely adore these sodalite generators. Sodalite comes from a variety of deposits around the world, including Canada, the Middle East, and some pockets in the United States. It’s a member of the larger sodalite family, and shares much of the mineral composition as another...
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  • Spinel Mini Clusters for healing all your worries

    I don’t get the pleasure of sharing spinel with you often, so it’s always a special day for me when I do. You won’t see much of it because it’s even rarer than ruby! These mini clusters are incredibly precious; they’re a natural rough cut...
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