• Crown Chakra Crystal Quad

      for divine connection

      <p>This set is a part of our collection of custom-curated Sage Goddess crystal quads. This crystal quad comes with four Crown Chakra stones that expand your consciousness and restore your faith in the Divine.</p>
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    • Angel Aura Lepidolite: Small Tumbled

      for peace and calm

      <p>Lepidolite forms an energetic barrier against negativity, dissipating it, and is one of the best crystals for relieving stress. It lightens moods, regulates emotions, and has a calming, relaxing, and easing effect.</p>
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    • Blue Lotus Cold Process Soap

      for enhanced intuition

      It’s BACK! Deepen your intuition as you cleanse both skin and soul with my Blue Lotus Cold Process Soap. A long-time customer favorite, this soap is infused with my Blue Lotus Perfume — a euphoric blue lotus essential oil blend — and sprinkled with dried...
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    • Angel Aura Amethyst Cathedral

      for spiritual connection

      <p>Amethyst can help you fall and stay asleep and enter deeper states of meditation, and its high frequency naturally repels lower energies. The angel aura treatment facilitates communication and connection with the ethereal realms, spirit guides, and past lives.</p>
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    • Tucson Finds: Brazil Magic Point

      for wisdom

      <p>Hold this Tucson Brazil Magic Point in Meditation or place it on your altar to send its soothing vibration all throughout your sacred space. ​​Enjoy this gem – an extraordinary treasure from the Tucson Gem Show!</p>
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    • Tucson at Twilight: Natural Blue Amphibole Quartz Point

      for angel connection

      <p>We’ve offered you amphibole quartz before, but this is the first time we’ve offered it in this soft, angelic blue shade — so it’s an incredibly rare treat! Blue amphibole quartz gets its hue from wispy inclusions of crocidolite, which is a stone of the angels.</p>
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    • Angel Aura Blue Calcite Palm Stone

      for celestial harmony

      <p>Blue calcite is the harmony stone, especially when it comes to harmonizing family energies. It helps manifest peace, love, and compassion in families.</p>
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    • Natural Candle Quartz Point

      for hope and higher-realm connection

      Share your light with the world with this Natural Candle Quartz Point sourced from Madagascar. Candle quartz is a stone of the lightworker that activates the Heart and Crown Chakras. It got its moniker due to the patterns along its edges, which resemble melted wax...
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    • Angelic Connection Seraphinite Bracelet

      <p>This stretch bracelet features beads carved from seraphinite, a powerful protection stone, clearing energetic attachments and psychic attacks.</p>
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    • Divine Illumination Amethyst String of Lights

      for spiritual connection

      Brighten your home with the frequency of peace with these Divine Illumination Amethyst String of Lights! I adore amethyst. This stone is all about connecting with Source, and brings balance, peace, purification, detoxification, unity, and spiritual evolution. Because these lights are wireless with an off/on...
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    • Angelic Guidance White Chalcedony & Purple Fluorite Geode

      for finding your purpose

      If you’ve been struggling to find your highest purpose, get ready to experience a profound awakening with this Angelic Guidance White Chalcedony & Purple Fluorite Geode from Mexico. This mesmerizing beauty combines white chalcedony and purple fluorite and was found in the countryside of San...
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    • Natural Prasiolite Point

      for celestial connection

      Are you searching for some spiritual guidance? This Natural Prasiolite Point is a stunning gem that will lead the way. Prasiolite is a powerful tool to connect with angelic energies and draw you inward, helping you recognize the limitless potential that exists deep within. Called...
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    • Natural Pink Danburite

      for heart opening and angelic connection

      Open your heart to the healing energy of your angels with this Natural Pink Danburite from Mexico. Pink danburite is a form of danburite — one of the extra-magical Synergy 12 ascension stones — worked with to identify the root cause of pain and discomfort...
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    • White Druzy Agate Yule Tree Ornament

      for holiday magic

      Add a little seasonal joy and sparkle to your decor this year with this White Druzy Agate Yule Tree Ornament, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Christmas trees and their ornaments are symbols of vitality, light, and hope — in the middle of winter, they bring...
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    • Archangel Intention Candles

      for celestial guidance

      I’m so excited to bring back these Archangel Intention Candles! These candles were lovingly hand-poured right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters and now come wrapped in beautiful ivory-colored sari silk. This offering pays tribute to angels and was intentionally created to help you connect with...
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    • Angel Aura Druzy Agate Snowflake

      for protection and peace

      Infuse your space with holiday magic with this Angel Aura Druzy Agate Snowflake. Snowflakes are symbols of winter wonder, and almost everyone has a little snow in their holiday memories or visions. Each snowflake takes a unique path to the ground, and no two snowflakes...
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