• Bloodstone: Small Tumbled

    for healing, rejuvenation, and endurance

    Bring in some serious healing and rejuvenating energy with this Tumbled Bloodstone! The ancient Greeks called this gem “bloodstone” because it looks like there are little drops of blood in it - but that’s actually just red jasper and green jasper. This is my go-to...
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  • Sri Yantra Pendulum with Agate Pendulum Plate

    for divination

    This Sri Yantra Pendulum with Agate Pendulum Plate was custom-made for us in India, and it carries transformative energies of wisdom, evolution, and ascension. Working with a pendulum is a powerful way to connect with spiritual intuition and guidance - you can use one to...
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  • Clear Quartz Crescent Moon Face

    for lunar magic and amplification

    Make a wish with this Clear Quartz Crescent Moon Face from India. This piece is lovingly carved with a sweet moon face out of clear quartz and brings all the possibilities of the crescent moon - a significant time for committing to intentions and taking...
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  • Soul Shift Exclusive Spring Gateway Perfume Blending Set

    Soul Shifters, if you missed out on our Soul Shift Exclusive Spring Gateway Perfume Blending Set, here’s your chance to grab yours! This set includes everything you need to blend your own perfume, including a custom-designed spring gateway perfume bottle with a yellow top to...
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  • Natural Smoky Quartz

    for transmuting negative vibrations

    Say goodbye to negative vibrations with this incredible Natural Smoky Quartz from Brazil. Smoky quartz is my partner in magic. Almost more than any other stone - and that's a huge statement for me to make. It helps me both with the process and the...
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  • Medium Tumbled Pink Moss Agate

    for gentle healing

    Be embraced by the comforting energy of this Medium Tumbled Pink Moss Agate from Madagascar. Work with this stone to restore balance and delicately open your heart and mind to forgiveness. Pink moss agate is gentle and emits a soft, tender, and loving vibration. This...
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  • Song of Hestia Perfume

    for reclaiming your inner spark

    If you missed out on July’s Full Moon tools that I’m working with in ritual tonight, no worries. You can still experience my Song of Hestia Perfume, which is now available on its own. This perfume was initially part of my Full Moon God and...
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  • Full Moon God and Goddess Series: Song of Astraeus Set

    for ritual with Athena

    This Full Moon God and Goddess Series: Song of Astraeus Set is the eighth kit of our Full Moon 2021 series, and it honors Astraeus: Greek Titan god of the stars, astrology, planets, dusk, and winds. Astraeus is a symbol of illumination and navigation. He...
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  • Lapis Lazuli Queen’s Ring

    for increased intuition, power, and confidence

    This Lapis Lazuli Queen's Ring is an absolute stunner! Originally our Crystal Masters Tool for March, I had to offer this beauty on its own. This ring was custom-made for SG - special for my students. It's adjustable, set in bronze and .925 sterling silver...
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  • Master Heart Healing Watermelon Tourmaline in Magic Matrix

    This Master Heart Healing Watermelon Tourmaline in Magic Matrix from Brazil is the ultimate Heart Chakra activator. If you’re looking to attract love, bring emotional healing, and mend your heart, this is your gem ally. Watermelon tourmaline is a stone of wisdom and healing in...
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  • VetivOUD Perfume

    for deep calm and meditation

    My VetivOUD Perfume combines the tranquil energy of vetiver with the soothing magic of Oud Perfume, a long-time customer favorite. This all-essential oil blend cut with jojoba comes in a 6 ml bottle. It has the same calming oud aroma you know and love, deepened...
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  • X Anniversary Infused Palo Santo

    to purify and believe

    Get ready to experience a super infusion of high-frequency vibrations along with potent centering and grounding with my X Anniversary Infused Palo Santo. This is the latest in our collection of signature infused palo santo sticks and features one of my newest scents: Limited Edition...
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  • Blue Aura Candle Quartz Point

    for calm, hope, and light

    This Blue Aura Candle Quartz Point is suuuper fun and the quality is amazing. Blue or aqua aura is created when a crystal is bonded with gold, resulting in this blue hue. This candle quartz is treated with a gorgeous teal blue, and many of...
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  • Dream Amethyst Quan Yin

    for angelic healing and support

    This Dream Amethyst Quan Yin was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in China, and it opens a powerful channel to the higher realms. Are you familiar with Quan Yin? Quan Yin is a Chinese goddess regarded as a bodhisattva and the personification of loving-kindness. She’s...
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  • Shiva’s Wand to Heal the Healer

    for channeling wellness

    Shiva’s Wand to Heal the Healer was custom-made for Sage Goddess in India, and it’s ready to connect you with your deepest reservoirs of wellness. The base of this wand is copper, one of the most potent materials for conducting energy. Along the middle of...
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  • Tumbled Tourmalinated Quartz

    for amplified protection

    There’s something magical about this grounding and shielding Tumbled Tourmalinated Quartz. Tourmalinated quartz is quartz with black tourmaline, two individually potent stones that, when together, as in this Tumbled Tourmalinated Quartz, magnify their shielding power. Black tourmaline is the MOST protective stone you can work...
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