• Amphibole Quartz Channeling Stone

    for spiritual evolution

    Are you ready to channel your highest self? This Amphibole Quartz Channeling Stone is the first in a series of channeling stones I’m offering for Third Eye Chakra magic. Sourced from Brazil, these pieces are hand-polished, and each is unique in shape and color. Amphibole...
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  • Tumbled Agatized Coral

    for harnessing ancient energies

    Harness the ancient energies of earth and sea with this Tumbled Agatized Coral. Agatized coral, also known as fossilized coral, forms when agate, a form of chalcedony, replaces the minerals in coral. This fossilized stone was once a living, breathing sea creature – and now,...
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  • Amplified Protection Tourmalinated Quartz

    for security

    Everyone needs a talisman of safety, security, and grounding - and that’s exactly what this Amplified Protection Tourmalinated Quartz from Brazil is. Tourmalinated quartz is a combination of quartz and black tourmaline, two individually powerful stones that, when together, possess magnified shielding power. Quartz possesses...
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  • Heal, Ground, and Grow Moss Agate Generator

    Call in more stability, wellness, and growth with this Heal, Ground, and Grow Moss Agate Generator from India. This piece was custom-made for Sage Goddess, and it’s a beauty. Moss agate provides grounding and security and nourishes the seeds of your dreams to blossom and...
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  • Smoky Quartz Magician Pendant

    for transforming energy

    I’m so excited to have this Smoky Quartz Magician Pendant back in the shop! This beautiful, faceted custom-made smoky quartz pendant is set in .925 sterling silver and stamped with the Sage Goddess logo. This sacred adornment is a powerful talisman for transforming energy and...
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  • Tumbled Vesuvianite

    to turn up the passion

    Turn up the heat and yourself on with this Tumbled Vesuvianite from India. Vesuvianite, also known as idocrase and vasonite, is a Heart Chakra stone of passion that intensifies physical lust and activates eros-based energies. It’s also a stone of courage that unites the heart...
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  • Soul Shift August Class Tools: Journey to Rebirth Perfume Blending Set

    Soul Shifters, I can’t wait to create our next 2021 Soul Shift Alchemize fragrance together! This Soul Shift August Class Tools: Journey to Rebirth Perfume Blending Set was custom-made for Sage Goddess, and it has everything you’ll need to craft your own perfume. Every month,...
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  • Expansion and Possibility Rainbow Moonstone Vogel

    Invite serendipity with this Expansion and Possibility Rainbow Moonstone Vogel. This gorgeous 12-sided Vogel was custom-made for Sage Goddess in India. The number 12 represents a completion of cycles. It’s the number of signs in the zodiac and the number of months in the year....
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  • Fire in the Hole Hot Mama Quartz

    for sizzling love

    This Fire in the Hole Hot Mama Quartz is full of both love and sizzle! These gorgeous pieces are natural rose quartz with red hematoid quartz – a gorgeous find from Brazil. Rose quartz is the Mother of all love stones and one of my...
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  • Oscar’s Moon

    for happiness and lunar magic

    If you’ve been joining me for live events, you’ve met my smiley-faced mascot, Oscar. He’s a fabulous rainbow agate star with a chill attitude and a happy disposition. Now, I present Oscar’s Moon! This stunning piece was custom-made for Sage Goddess in Indonesia, lovingly carved...
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  • Manifestation Bath Salt

    to clear the path to prosperity

    Make your dreams a reality with my Manifestation Bath Salt! This bath salt was custom-made right here at Sage Goddess, with purifying Epsom, Himalayan, and European sea salt. It’s infused with my Manifestation Perfume - an empowering and abundance-attracting blend of Balm of Gilead, vanilla,...
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  • Protection and Manifestation Smoky Citrine Sphere

    Turn your dreams into reality with this Protection and Manifestation Smoky Citrine Sphere. This extraordinary stone is Brazilian citrine with smoky quartz – two crystals I consider crucial to any collection. Smoky citrine absorbs negative energy, clearing and purifying the aura, and draws money magic,...
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  • Artemis Mabon Rewilding Set

    for ritual with Athena

    My Artemis Mabon Rewilding Set is all about connecting with your innate wildness and coming back into balance with nature. These are the tools we’ll work with together in Mabon ritual on September 22. Mabon, or the fall equinox, is the second harvest. It’s a...
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  • Natural Azurite Crystal

    to harness your feminine power

    This Natural Azurite Crystal from Morocco is a stone unlike any other. Once you come into its presence you’ll understand why Cleopatra kept it close at all times, believing it to grant supernatural powers to anyone who worked with it. And I’ll tell you now:...
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  • Spinel in Biotite Matrix Manifestation Heart

    for coming into flow

    This Spinel in Biotite Matrix Manifestation Heart from India is a powerful tool for visualizing your deepest dreams and bringing them to fruition. A key part of manifestation is simply going with the flow - attuning to surrounding energies and syncing your spirit and intentions...
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  • Golden Sheen Obsidian Athame

    for shadow integration

    Beyond its magnificent look, this Golden Sheen Obsidian Athame is a powerful tool for shadow work and ritual. This athame was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in Mexico, with bright golden sheen obsidian. It also features a carved solar eclipse - a symbol of revelation...
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