• Natural Golden Mica Cluster

      for confidence & deep spiritual healing

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Golden mica connects you with ancestral wisdom and the healing energies in the heavenly realm, promoting deep spiritual and physical healing. With its shiny, reflective layers, this mineral brings illumination, joy, and an empowering boost of self-confidence.</span></p>
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    • Mica in Brown Aragonite Heart Bowl

      for organization & stress-relief

      <p>Brown aragonite is the gem of organization. It helps clear through any clutter, bringing peace and stress relief. Mica expands your ability to perceive the big picture, guiding you to make gentle adjustments that restore ease and natural alignment.</p>
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    • Petrified Wood Generator

      for ancestral connection & grounding

      <p>Ground yourself into steady, stabilizing energy with this beautiful generator. Petrified wood is a member of the quartz family that harmonizes with your Earth Star Chakra, creating a profound connection with ancestral and ancient wisdom.</p>
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    • Ancient Wisdom Petrified Wood Heart

      for ancestral guidance

      <p>This heart is the perfect tool to work with to call upon the loving guidance of the ancestors. The heart shape adds properties of kindness and emotional connection.</p>
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    • Skull Incense Stick Holder

      for ancestral wisdom

      Clear your space and connect with ancestral wisdom with this Skull Incense Stick Holder. This iron incense stick holder was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and comes in gold and copper colors. It features two magnetic incense stick bases that can be moved as desired...
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    • Petrified Wood Rune Dice for ancestral wisdom and divination work

      What message does the universe have in store for you? These Petrified Wood Rune Dice will help you to discern it! These are beautifully-faceted petrified wood pieces with the 24 runes engraved – one on each side. Petrified wood is a member of the quartz...
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    • Grounding Tree Agate Corner-Cut Cube

      for stability and ancestral wisdom

      Experience the serene vibrations of this NEW Grounding Tree Agate Corner-Cut Cube. The stone for this potent carving was sourced from India. Tree agate contains the ancient energies of the forest, the insights of the tree people, and the grounding of Earth. This is THE...
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    • Natural Biotite in Mica Slice

      for life force healing

      Reconnect with your life force so you can gain clarity on your path with this Natural Biotite in Mica Slice. This shimmering stone was sourced from the Silver Crater Mine in Cardiff, Ontario, Canada, and features gorgeous streaks of deep brown and black. The rich...
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    • Petrified Wood Wise Owl

      for guidance and protection

      This Petrified Wood Wise Owl was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in China and is a powerful talisman of protection, guidance, and ancestral connection. Petrified wood is one of the most powerful gems you can work with for past-life recall. It activates the Earth Star...
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    • Tumbled Cradle of Humankind

      for ancestral connection

      It’s BACK! Connect with our ancestors' immense wisdom and insight with this Tumbled Cradle of Humankind. This super special stone is found in the caves within South Africa’s Cradle of Humankind, where our earliest ancestors lie encased in limestone, fossilized over millions of years. This...
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    • Earth Wisdom Tree Agate Double Terminated Wand

      for ancestral knowledge

      Channel deep knowledge from the forest with this Earth Wisdom Tree Agate Double Terminated Wand. This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from India. Tree agate contains the ancient energies of the forest and the wisdom of the tree...
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    • Selenite Ghost of Christmas Past

      for wisdom and joy

      Let this adorable Selenite Ghost of Christmas Past invoke joyful vibes and honor your ancestors this holiday season! The stone for this delightful carving was sourced from Morocco. Selenite is a Crown Chakra stone of peace, pure white light, harnessing moon magic, and Divine Feminine...
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    • Divine Masters Elder Council Set

      for spiritual guidance

      Channel the higher realms and invoke transformative spiritual guidance with my Divine Masters Elder Council Set – a potent take on the Elder Council tools that I’ve offered in the past. Elder Council is a meditation that I lead for my Soul Shift members, to...
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    • Ghost Perfume

      to connect with ancestral wisdom

      I‘m delighted to bring my Ghost Perfume BACK! This custom blend was crafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, with notes of angelica for protection, coconut for spiritual nourishment, and patchouli for introspection and centering your spirit. I created this potion to link the past,...
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    • Wise Heart Verdelite in Quartz, Cleavelandite, and Mica Matrix Generator

      This Wise Heart Verdelite in Quartz, Cleavelandite, and Mica Matrix Generator from Madagascar is super new on the market! Verdelite, or green tourmaline, resonates with the Heart Chakra and brings love, compassion, union, integration, and wisdom and discernment in love. Quartz amplifies the magic of...
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    • Tumbled Petrified Wood

      for ancient wisdom, grounding, and protection

      If you’re looking for a deep bond to the Earth and the insight of those who have gone before you, this Tumbled Petrified Wood is for you! Petrified wood is a member of the quartz family that resonates with the Earth Star Chakra, connecting you...
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