• Tumbled Yellow Jasper for stability, positive energy, and balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra

    First, dear ones, let me say how important the Solar Plexus Chakra is to your energy's well being. It's the center of your chakra system, the source of your power, and the core of your personal evolution. It connects the upper and lower chakras, creating...
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  • Natural Apache Tear Obsidian for mourning, releasing, and letting go

    There are many emotions circulating this time of year, grief being among them. Apache tear obsidian is a must-have for any collector. It's the number one stone for releasing and letting go, perfect if you are going through a challenge in a relationship and potent...
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  • Peace and Balance Amethyst Cathedrals for clarity and understanding

    Evoke the otherworldly power of amethyst with these exquisite Peace and Balance Amethyst Cathedrals! These pieces make for an extraordinary addition to any gem lover’s collection – you can feel the magic radiating off of them in magnificent, steady waves. Amethyst is a powerful purifier...
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  • Intuitive Chakra Amethyst Pendants for wisdom and higher realm magic

    These stunning Intuitive Chakra Amethyst Pendants are set in 925 silver for a striking combination of peaceful balance and protection in the form of show-stopping goddess jewelry. Amethyst radiates the Violet Ray and resonates with the energy of calm and discernment. If you desire a...
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  • Natural Amethyst Chip Stones for peace and Crown Chakra activation

    Amethyst is one of those gems I cannot get enough of — I adore everything about it! And with these small and convenient natural amethyst chip stones, you can carry their magic and medicine with you just about anywhere you go. Amethyst is a powerful...
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  • Bronzite pyramids for healing, peace, and the sweet release of surrender

    When you gaze into one of these bronzite pyramids, you are receiving wisdom from Mother Earth herself. These amazing pieces offer such a stunning display of this stone. I like to think of this stone as one of perspective, as it has a knack for...
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  • Faceted Amethyst Pendants for psychic visions and restful sleep

    Oh, my - these faceted amethyst pendants are absolutely stunning. Amethyst is truly one of my favorite gemstones to work with, and these pendants make it so easy to channel the mystical vibrations of this gemstone all day long! Adorn yourself with one of these...
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  • Antique Amethyst Peace Pendants for serenity and balance

    These Antique Amethyst Peace Pendants are such beautiful pieces of adornment. These bold pendulum pendants are perfect for providing comfort during times of physical or spiritual illness, or for anyone simply looking to strengthen their overall vibration. Wear one to allow the immense power of...
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  • Amethyst Stalactite Flowers for calm, peace, and balance

    I am so excited to offer you these beautiful and unique amethyst stalactite flowers. The last time I had them, they sold out. So if one is calling out to you, get yours before they're gone, because I'm not often able to source these beauties...
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  • Devic Temple Amethyst Dow Generators for advanced access to other planes

    Goddesses, I have an absolutely incredible offering for you all. Drop-dead gorgeous Devic Temple amethyst Dow generators, reverberating with powerful, ancient magic. Have you heard of trans-channeler crystals? These Devic Temple amethyst Dow generators are of this advanced, highly magical variety of carvings. The many...
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  • Amethyst Cathedrals for mental clarity, restful sleep, and deepened intuition

    These amethyst cathedrals are drop-dead gorgeous - and not only that, they’re also incredibly powerful! Every goddess needs to have one of these cathedrals in her collection - and, dear ones, here’s your chance. Incorporate one of these cathedrals into your sacred space to channel...
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  • Amethyst Heart Keychains for Crown Chakra alignment on the go

    These amethyst heart keychains are an ideal tool for anyone trying to stay spiritually connected and aligned while on the go. Have a few moments to meditate in the car? You’ve got a beautiful, heart-shaped amethyst carving right there with you. Hold it in your...
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  • Amethyst Channeling Stones for peace, balance, and Third Eye awakening

    Ah, amethyst! I could talk for hours about the beauty and magic of this mystical gemstone. If you’re looking for potent Third Eye activation and supreme balance and peace, then look no further – you have found your tool! These channeling stones of amethyst are...
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  • Natural Amethyst Pendants for radiating peace and wisdom of the Violet Ray

    These natural amethyst pendants are simply lovely, radiating potent Violet Ray light. Adorn yourself with the magic of the Violet Ray, or gift it to another. These crystal pendants are full of the vibrant energies we seek for peace and balance. Expect to experience divine...
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  • Huge Amethyst Points for peace and Divine clearing

    You’ve seen amethyst points before...but never like this! These are pure, stunning, giant beauties - like something out of a magical prehistoric fantasy world. They are so big and so mesmerizing it's almost hard to believe they are real. But they are. I hand-picked every...
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  • Amethyst Stalactite Pendants for profound divination and clarity

    Imagine wearing the flower of the Earth around your neck, connecting you with crystalline layers of this beautiful planet we live on. That’s what these exquisite amethyst stalactite pendants look like to me - the crystallized Earth contained into a piece of magical stone. Each...
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