• Manifest Your Intentions Labradorite and Peridot Ring

    Attract the visions you hold in your heart with this gorgeous Manifest Your Intentions Labradorite and Peridot Ring. This ring was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in India and features labradorite and peridot set on an adjustable .925 sterling silver band. Labradorite is a gem...
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  • Champagne Topaz Strength Pendants for remembering you’ve got you

    Get ready for a boost of grounded stability with these beautiful Champagne Topaz Strength Pendants! Champagne topaz is a protective gem that activates your Root Chakra for a deeper sense of Earth connection and more comfortability in your own body. It’s a great crystal to...
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  • Tucson at Twilight: Sonora Chrysocolla Love Rings for finding your voice

    Oh my goodness! These Sonora Chrysocolla Love Rings are so beautiful and guess what?! I got them here at this year’s Tucson Gem Show! These adjustable rings feature a heart-shaped chrysocolla crystal set in .925 sterling silver. They’re very unique and you won’t find anything...
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  • Ultimate Shielding Black Tourmaline Pendants for divine wisdom

    Walk around confidently with the assurance that you’re held and protected with these Ultimate Shielding Black Tourmaline Pendants. Black tourmaline is the most protective stone in the crystal world. It’s grounding and shielding and offers divine wisdom and love. I’m hardly ever without black tourmaline...
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  • Sun Meets Moon Medicine Rings for integrating solar and lunar energies

    These Sun Meets Moon Medicine Rings are pure SG magic! I was inspired to design these myself to capture the cosmic dance that guides so much of our lives. Set in 925 silver and bearing the SG stamp, these dazzling rings feature a triple moon...
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  • Guardian Angel Golden Seraphinite Rings for celestial connection

    These Guardian Angel Golden Seraphinite Rings are heavenly. Seraphinite is often called the Total Healing Stone because it brings in your guides and angels to direct the healing process. Seraphinite is a Heart Chakra activator, named after the highest order of angels, the Seraphim. It’s...
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  • Persephone Rings for exploring inner mystery and integration

    I dare you not to be utterly entranced by these Persephone Rings! Custom-made just for us here at SG, they’re the perfect adornment for your descent into the inner work of shadow season. Seven luminous garnets, a protective and grounding gem that activates the Root...
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  • Star Sapphire Pendants for enhanced wisdom and communication

    Set in genuine 925 silver, these high quality, star sapphire pendants are seriously magical. Star sapphire, sometimes known as blue sapphire, is actually a close relative of ruby. Unlike ruby, star sapphire is a stone for mental and psychic activation. It is a powerful enhancer...
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  • Ocean Jasper Pendants for attracting love and happiness

    These gentle ocean jasper pendants are some of the highest quality gemstone adornment I have ever offered. For me, it’s hard to stop staring at them – those vibrant signature dots (the hallmark of true ocean jasper) perfectly polished, and set in genuine 925 silver....
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  • Faceted Sunstone Rings for an infusion of optimism and clarity

    Goddesses, these faceted sunstone rings are gorgeous. They are easily one of the most elegant gemstone adornment offerings I have ever sourced. You will not find a more spectacular gem than sunstone. It has the radiance of the sun and the fire of solar ribbons...
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  • Green Kyanite and Citrine Gold Plated Silver Bangles for abundance and balance

    These green kyanite and citrine gold plated silver bangles are intended for heart healing, balance and prosperity. These bangles are made of vermeil rough 925 silver, are matte finished, and are adjustable to fit every goddess wrist. I believe in sacred adornment – in the...
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  • Tanzanite Pendants for major psychic attunement

    Goddesses, these tanzanite pendants are very rare. They are easily one of the most elegant gemstone adornment offerings I have ever sourced. Tanzanite is nearly extinct. It comes from Tanzania, Africa, and I can only secure a few specimens at a time. The quality of...
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  • Girasol Rings for enhanced communication and powerful love medicine

    Goddesses rejoice, I have a new talisman to serve as your queen ring. Girasol is a variety of rose quartz, light and opalescent, but translucent and gorgeous. These are without a doubt some of the finest quality girasol rings available anywhere in the world. Believe...
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  • Sunstone Pendants for an infusion of optimism, empowerment, and clarity

    Goddesses, these sunstone pendants are gorgeous. Sourced this morning from one of my favorite jewelry vendors here in Tucson, they are easily one of the most elegant gemstone adornment offerings I have ever offered. You will not find a more spectacular gem than sunstone. It...
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  • Rhodochrosite Rings for an uplifting dose of self-love

    Gemmy rhodochrosite rings, fresh from Denver. Gorgeous. Magical. And very limited. Each of these rhodochrosite rings is a finely crafted work of art. Rhodochrosite’s swirling pinkish hues will draw you in, while its abundant loving energies will help you on your journey to heal your...
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  • Shattuckite Mixed Shape Pendants for powerful intuition

    These shattuckite mixed shape pendants come in different shapes and sizes, but every single one I have to offer you possesses the remarkable intuitive powers that shattuckite is known for. This stone is a channel or medium that allows you to receive and intuit information...
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