• Tucson Exclusive: Bloodstone Fountain of Healing Obelisk

    for wellness

    Drink from the well of strength with this Bloodstone Fountain of Healing Obelisk. This exclusive offering is part of our FIRST-EVER Sage Goddess Online Tucson Gem & Mineral Show! This piece features a golden base, enhancing its beauty. Bloodstone is my go-to stone for healing...
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  • Natural Mexican Fire Opal

    for brave transformation

    Stoke the flames of transformation and rise like the phoenix you are with this Natural Mexican Fire Opal! Mexican fire opal is THE cosmic stone of transformation and was highly revered by the ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations. True to its name, this stone is...
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  • Mars and Venus Mosaic Chalcedony Charging Plate

    for harmony

    Harness the power of astrology with this Mars and Venus Mosaic Chalcedony Charging Plate. This RARE piece was sourced from Brazil and embodies the vibes of the planets Mars and Venus. Mars represents the Divine Masculine — it’s the planet of action, energy, initiation, and...
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  • Tucson Exclusive: Natural Carnelian Shell

    for life force energy

    I bet you’ve never seen carnelian like this before! Reignite your passion and creativity by tapping into potent, ancient energy with this Natural Carnelian Shell. When I saw these absolutely gorgeous carnelian shells at the Tucson Gem Show, I just KNEW I had to bring...
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  • Tucson Unpacking: Naturally Terminated Black Tourmaline

    for protection

    The treasures from Tucson keep on coming! This Naturally Terminated Black Tourmaline radiates potent protective energy, making it the perfect addition to your altar or nightstand. Black tourmaline is a gem of divine and psychic protection that creates an energetic shield around you, deflecting negativity...
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  • Tucson Exclusive: Cinnabrite Super Success Sphere

    This Cinnabrite Super Success Sphere is yet ANOTHER stunning find from the Tucson Gem Show! In the trade, cinnabrite is often referred to as cinnabar, but cinnabar is only the red flecks of this stone. Cinnabrite is cinnabar in a scapolite and quartz matrix. It’s...
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  • Tucson at Twilight: Beam Me Up Campo del Cielo Meteorite Necklace

    Get ready to catapult your spiritual evolution. Straight from the Tucson Gem Show, this Beam Me Up Campo del Cielo Meteorite Necklace is truly out of this world! This is a genuine piece of Campo del Cielo meteorite encased in pear-shaped resin, strung on a...
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  • Tucson Exclusive: Golden Sheen Obsidian Buddha

    for transformation

    The minute I saw this gorgeous Golden Sheen Obsidian Buddha at the Tucson Gem Show, I snapped it up to bring back for you. Each of the beauties was hand-carved and this is the first time we’ve ever brought you golden sheen obsidian back from...
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  • Angel Aura Tourmalinated Quartz Generator

    for divine protection

    Stay grounded and protected while raising your vibration to celestial heights with this Angel Aura Tourmalinated Quartz Generator. Angel aura tourmalinated quartz is created when platinum, silver, and gold are bonded to tourmalinated quartz. This treatment alone facilitates communication and connection with the ethereal realms,...
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  • Tucson Unpacking: Ultimate Heart Healing Drop Pendant with Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, and Morganite

    Tend to your emotional well-being so you can make room for new love in your life with this Ultimate Heart Healing Drop Pendant with Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, and Morganite. I absolutely fell in LOVE with this piece when I first saw it at the Tucson...
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  • Tucson Unpacking: Tumbled Dioptase

    for heart healing

    Let go of past trauma so you can move forward with grace with this Tumbled Dioptase! We haven’t had dioptase in the shop for quite a while — so I was SUPER excited to find this rare gem at the Tucson Gem Show! Dioptase helps...
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  • Tucson Unpacking: Polished Colombian Amber

    for protection

    Are you searching for a talisman to keep you safe and stable? This Polished Colombian Amber is a deeply protective ally that prevents psychic attacks, heals soul trauma, and repels anything dark. Did you know amber isn’t really a crystal at all? It’s a fossilized...
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