• Gemstone Sale: Fire Flash Ammonite

    Connect with Earth's great wisdom with these gorgeous Fire Flash Ammonites. Ammonites are an ancient creature that represent the fibonacci sequence and the never ending stream of consciousness connecting you to Source. Ammonites hold potent Earth healing medicine and are able to clear negative energies....
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  • Releasing and Transmutation Smithsonite Rings for an all new you

    Are you yearning for change and growth? These sterling silver adjustable Releasing and Transmutation Smithsonite Rings are absolutely beautiful and ready to help you purge what no longer serves. Smithsonite is a detoxifier that supports the immune system and encourages releasing the bonds of addiction....
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  • Winter Sandalwood Perfume for fragrant seasonal magic

    I just couldn’t help myself - I have another beautiful surprise for you! Our SG team has adapted my new Winter Sandalwood solid perfume into a 10 ml perfume, just in time for the holidays! This is an intoxicating blend of florals and your favorite...
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  • Sage Goddess Soul Shift Tools for January 2020

    These tools accompany our Sage Goddess Soul Shift program. If you would like to join us, click here! This is a one-off listing for January tools only. It is limited to Soul Shift members that missed the 12/14 tool subscription deadline.  If you wish to...
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  • Magic 8-Ball Incense for revealing paths of possibility

    If it’s answers that you seek or different paths or choices you desire, I have the perfect offering for you. My Magic 8-Ball Incense is the kitchen sink of herbs, full of SO many magical ingredients – everything from buchu to rosebuds is in this...
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  • Divine Grace Incense Sticks for spiritual enlightenment and Higher Self connection

    The heavenly fragrance that emanates from these Divine Grace incense Sticks is the signature scent of Sage Goddess. Those of you who have attended live rituals here at SG Headquarters will remember the scent. I have not yet found a single incense that smells the...
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