• Green Aventurine Lucky Elephants for fortune, strength, and compassion

    Things are looking up for 2020 and these Green Aventurine Lucky Elephants are the perfect talismans to work with for an extra dose of fortune and magic! Green aventurine promotes personal growth, abundance, and spiritual attunement. It’s a powerful stone that teaches and helps you...
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  • 2020 Moon Calendar Magnets for magically keeping track of the days

    Add a little mystery and magic to your date-keeping practices with these fun and cute 2020 Moon Calendar Magnets. These magnets were custom designed right here at SGHQ. Each one features the 12 months of the year, notes the new and full moons, and highlights...
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  • Queen’s Lapis Lazuli Cabochons for royalty, intuition, and psychic powers

    Hail to the queen within with these beautiful Queen's Lapis Lazuli Cabochons. Lapis lazuli is a gem of confidence, courage, and bold leadership. It brings luck, fortune, and a regal sensibility. I’m offering these lapis lazuli cabochons by weight (25 grams) in an assortment of...
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  • Winter Goddess Smudge Bundles for purification and high vibrations

    Usher in the energies of clarity and light with these gorgeous Winter Goddess Smudge Bundles. These bundles are handmade right here at SG with sustainable white sage. Each is lovingly wrapped with an array of florals reminiscent of the flowers a winter goddess would wear...
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  • Chevron Amethyst Reiki Palm Stone Set for healing on all levels

    Our world is in much need of healing and kindness. Reiki is healing through spiritually guided life force energy. Reiki symbols are based on the Japanese writing system and working with them connects you with life force energy and opens your mind to higher awareness....
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  • New Year Clear Quartz Pocket Angels for angelic guidance in 2020

    Are you ready to welcome in 2020? I am beyond excited for the year ahead, a fresh start and blank canvas for all the beauty and prosperity we can create with our magical intentions! These New Year Clear Quartz Pocket Angels are a blessed and...
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  • Brecciated Jasper Warrior Palm Stones for vitality, courage, and strength

    Tap into some serious magic with these Brecciated Jasper Warrior Palm Stones. These palm stones feature reconstituted jasper of every kind imaginable. From red jasper to polychrome jasper to mookaite jasper to ocean jasper, these palm stones are infused with vitality, support, beauty, joy, and...
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  • Double Terminated Tiger’s Eye Shielding Pendants for discernment

    Go into 2020 with focus, laser-vision, and protection with these Double Terminated Tiger’s Eye Shielding Pendants. These beautiful pendants are like nothing on the market and I’m so happy to offer them to you! Set in bronze, these tiger’s eye pieces are the perfect tools...
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  • New Decade Ganesha and Lakshmi Agate Plaques for abundance

    Bring in the energy of abundance and wealth with these gorgeous New Decade Ganesha and Lakshmi Agate Plaques. Each of these golden engraved plaques features the Hindu deities Ganesha and Lakshmi on an agate slice. Agate is a gem of strength, focus, and emotional stability....
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  • Golden Sheen Obsidian Sleepy Moons for shadow integration

    Aren’t these Golden Sheen Obsidian Sleepy Moons the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? These beauties were hand-carved by our miner friends in Mexico exclusively for SG. These golden sheen obsidian moons are all about new beginnings and tuning into a higher level of awareness to...
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  • I Am Safe Garnet Orgonite Pyramids for channeling life force energy

    This is one of the most important tools for your altar - I Am Safe Garnet Orgonite Pyramids, which you can touch after any ritual or ceremony to ground your energy, the energy of the space, and as a reminder that you’re protected. One touch...
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  • Portal Opening Grey Aventurine Wands for moving energy and protection

    Are you familiar with the magic of grey aventurine? Grey aventurine is a stone of protection, clearing, moving and removing energy, grounding, uplifting, AND it opens portals to other realms. These Portal Opening Grey Aventurine Wands are powerful allies if you're feeling energetically stuck or...
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