• Blanco Copal Resin

      for clearing energy & spiritual connection

      <p>Blanco copal is sacred to the indigenous peoples of Central and South America. They believe it to serve as a channel through which souls from the spirit world can make their way back to Earth.</p>
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    • Opoponax Resin

      for spiritual revelation

      <p>Opoponax is the resin for receiving spiritual revelation. It’s an incredible guide in lucid dreaming, trance work, vision questing, and deep meditation.</p>
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    • Dragon’s Blood Resin

      for grounding and protection

      Invite in a wonderful sense of grounding and protection with this Dragon’s Blood Resin, sourced from Indonesia. Dragon’s blood resonates with the fire element  – it’s a powerhouse against negativity and will amplify your magical workings. Resin is hardened sap that, when burned, emits an...
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    • Sagrada Incense and Copal Incense Burner Duo

      for purification

      Call forth protection and purification with this Sagrada Incense and Copal Incense Burner Duo. This offering includes my new Sagrada Incense and a traditional-style copal incense burner — the ultimate combination for purifying your energy and creating sacred space. During shadow season, the veil thins,...
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    • Guggal Resin Incense

      for cleansing and rejuvenation

      Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit with this Guggal Resin Incense. This offering is the resin of the guggal tree, which cleanses the spirit of unwanted energies. Smudging is a critical part of spiritual work, and this blend is the ultimate rejuvenating and clearing tool....
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    • Benzoin Resin

      for comfort and protection

      Benzoin is one of the oldest, most traditional ingredients of incense and is revered as “The Holder” of energies. Benzoin is a fire-driven road opener that opens the soul to prosperity, allowing your spirit guides to take hold and offer new pathways. It’s comforting, purifying,...
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