• 11 Anniversary Incense

      for expanding consciousness

      $10.50 with coupon code
      I’m SO excited about this offering - my brand new 11 Anniversary Incense! Enhance your intuitive abilities and connect further to your spirituality with this handcrafted offering. I’ll be crafting this loose incense blend LIVE in ceremony right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters for SG’s...
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    • Pulse Incense Blend

      for heart-opening & comfort

      $8.25 with coupon code
      <p>We handcrafted this blend of cacao nibs, rose petals, and lavender at Sage Goddess Headquarters to make you feel safe, sound, and receptive to more love.</p>
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    • Middle World Incense Blend

      to connect with nature

      $21.75 with coupon code
      Call upon the energy of nature and connect with the wisdom of ancient healers as you cleanse your space with my NEW Middle World Incense Blend. The Middle World is the world of human relationships and nature. It’s our mortal lives, communities, and soul contracts...
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    • Winter Magic Incense Blend

      for seasonal enchantment

      $11.25 with coupon code
      Infuse your home with fragrant, seasonal enchantment with my Winter Magic Incense Blend, lovingly handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters. This beautiful loose incense blend harnesses the power of sacred wise trees and gifts of the wise men with myrrh, white sage leaf, red...
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    • Limited Edition Re-Release of OG Elder Council Perfume and Incense

      for pre-order

      $21.75 - $29.25 with coupon code
      Well, this offering is timely. Sage Goddess turns 12 in July, and so much of our magic over the years has been woven into something called Elder Council. EC is a ceremony we hold once a quarter with our online class members to help them...
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    • Bay Leaf Herb Jar

      for Making Wishes

      $10.50 with coupon code
      Unlock the power of intention setting and bring your dreams to life with this Bay Leaf Herb Jar for Making Wishes — a perfect way to start building up your own SG apothecary right in your own home! This bay leaf comes lovingly packaged in...
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    • Mullein Leaf Herb Jar for Courage

      and safety

      $10.50 with coupon code
      Call forth strength and safety with this new Mullein Leaf Herb Jar for Courage — the perfect addition for your personal SG apothecary right in your own home. This mullein leaf comes lovingly packaged in a sealable glass jar to extend its shelf life, with...
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    • Lower World Ancestral Incense Blend

      for ancient healing wisdom

      $14.25 with coupon code
      Partake in powerful traditional healing and connect with the elders as you clear your space with my NEW Lower World Ancestral Incense Blend. The Lower World is the world of ancestors, bones, and crystals. This nature-based world represents our deepest thoughts and emotions, linking us...
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    • Dream Weaver Spider Jar, Incense, and Gem Set

      for creativity

      $21.75 with coupon code
      Do you see yourself as the weaver of your own fate – the creator of your destiny? This Dream Weaver Spider Jar, Incense, and Gem Set is BACK to serve you during shadow season. This special set was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and serves...
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    • Kundalini Discovery Duo

      for primal empowerment

      $26.25 - $29.25 with coupon code
      Reach all-new levels of spiritual wisdom, creativity, and power with my Kundalini Discovery Duo! You are here to be more. I believe one of the gifts of awakening kundalini is this: The realization that you are vast beyond measure, and this duo is the perfect...
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    • Protective Obsidian Coffins and Graveyard Dust for going beyond the Veil

      $11.25 - $18.75 with coupon code
      Recognize and embrace the wisdom of your mortality with these Protective Obsidian Coffins and Graveyard Dust! These gorgeous obsidian coffins come with our exclusive Graveyard Dust, handcrafted right here at SG headquarters with sacred intentions of protection, love of those who have passed, and guidance...
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    • February Mesa Class Refill for harnessing the magic of love

      $9.00 - $26.25 with coupon code
      I’m so excited to offer this February Mesa Class Refill! This is for anyone in SG Soul Shift looking to get another set of February supplies - or anyone who isn’t a member of SG Soul Shift but wants to get in on the February...
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