• SG Signature Perfume

      for invoking the Divine Feminine

      $41.80 with coupon code
      <p>I’ve been wearing it ever since I first crafted it in deep secrecy at the spring equinox years ago. This perfume is a rich, ethereal blend of tuberose, vetiver, and peony. We also infused each bottle with a Pakimer diamond for attunement, healing, and amplification.</p>
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    • Back Off Betty Mini Perfume Mist

      for peace & protection

      $6.08 with coupon code
      <p>This mist is here to help navigate even the most challenging energies. We handcrafted this perfume mist right here at SG. It features the same blend as my customer-favorite Back Off Betty Perfume in a base of distilled water.</p>
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    • Ultimate Sage Goddess Perfume

      for purification

      $15.20 with coupon code
      <p>Do you love sage as much as we do? Say no more! Surround yourself with this sacred herb’s purifying and uplifting energies with this perfume! We crafted it with four different sage essential oils from around the world.</p>
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    • Temple Perfume

      to connect you with your inner sanctuary

      $25.84 with coupon code
      <p>When we lose sight of the spiritual life within, we return to the temple to remember. We handcrafted this intoxicating potion to take you there.</p>
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    • Ceremony Perfume

      for peace, positivity, and powerful energetic clearing

      $25.08 with coupon code
      Invite peace, positivity, and powerful energetic clearing with my Ceremony Perfume! Infused with powerfully purifying notes of white sage and palo santo, this blend is exquisitely fragrant and incredibly potent in its magic. This potion was handcrafted right here at SG Headquarters, and once you...
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    • Auto I’Moon Perfume

      for deep comfort, healing, & rejuvenation

      $26.60 with coupon code
      So many of you in the SG community have been asking for my Auto I’Moon Perfume. Here it is now available on its own! This autoimmune blend is very special to me. I created it to support your autoimmune health and healing. I’ve found that...
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    • Sacred Sandalwood Perfume

      for deep grounding and calm

      $25.08 with coupon code
      My Sacred Sandalwood Perfume is BACK! So many of you love this powerfully grounding blend, and I’m super excited to offer it again! Handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, it’s a combination of several different colors and types of sandalwood from around the world....
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    • Armor Perfume

      for powerful protection

      $30.40 with coupon code
      Originally part of my Protection and Safety Toolkit, Armor Perfume is a potent protection blend in its own right. This perfume was custom-made right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, with oils specifically chosen for their protective properties. It includes angelica for protection and purification, patchouli...
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    • Dirty Patchouli Perfume

      for desire, attraction & abundance

      $25.08 with coupon code
      <p>Anyone who’s been around SG long enough knows we love patchouli. It’s so good, so deep, so dark, so dirty, swampy, and strong. If you love it half as much as we do, you’ll be obsessed with this blend!</p>
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    • Arx Perfume

      for safeguarding and protection

      $30.40 with coupon code
      It’s shadow season and my Arx Perfume is here to lend its incredible magic! Shadow season is powerful and mysterious. With the veil between realms at its thinnest point, it’s important to ground, center, and protect yourself. “Arx” means “fortress” or “stronghold” in Latin, and...
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    • Empath Shield Mist

      for energetic protection

      $10.64 with coupon code
      <p>To create this mist, we blended my Empath and Shield Perfumes together. It has notes of neroli, lavender, bamboo, crocus flower, palo santo, and sage. Spritz some of this mist to shield your aura, protect your space, and keep your vibration pure.</p>
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    • Demeter and Persephone Embodiment Perfume

      for protection

      $25.08 with coupon code
      <p>My Demeter and Persephone Embodiment Perfume is perfect to work with when calling forth protection. Inspired by the maiden and mother energy, this blend will invoke a sense of safety, security, and stability.</p>
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