• Tantra Incense Sticks

      for passion and love

      My Tantra Incense Sticks were created with the same unique blend as my Tantra Perfume and Tantra Candle and feature the same magic and love-inducing qualities. Handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess, these incense sticks are a blend of rose for high vibrations, jasmine sambac,...
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    • Chrysocolla on Quartz Point

      for self-expression & confidence

      <p>The overgrowth of turquoise-blue chrysocolla crystal on this clear quartz point makes this offering as strikingly beautiful as it is powerfully transformative. Work with this offering to channel and express your most authentic inner truths with grace.</p>
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    • Alkanet Herb Jar

      for prosperity & protection

      <p>Alkanet root is an herb of purification and prosperity. It replaces negative influences with positive ones, bringing good luck. Work with this offering to block out bad vibes, clearing out any unwanted energy that keeps you from finding success in everything you do.</p>
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    • Moon Phase Engraved Palo Santo

      for clearing and mystery

      This Moon Phase Engraved Palo Santo combines the mystery and magnificence of the Moon with the potent clearing power of palo santo. This beautiful piece is intricately engraved with the lunar phases and makes a lovely accessory for all your smudging needs. The phases of...
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    • Nag Champa & White Sage Smudge Bundle

      to ward off negativity

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">This all-natural batch of healing magic features white sage coated with nag champa. </span>White sage and nag champa are two of our favorites for ceremonial clearing and cleansing, both with histories that date back centuries.</p>
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    • Glass Diffuser Jar with Terracotta Beads

      for aromatherapy

      <p>This natural oil diffuser features a glass jar filled with terracotta diffuser beads, ready for anointing with your favorite essential oils. Gradually, the terracotta will absorb the oil and diffuse the scent.</p>
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    • Natural Paraiba Kyanite

      for balance & protection

      <p>Paraiba kyanite crystal is a variety of blue kyanite combined with black tourmaline, graphite, and clear quartz. All combined in one stone, paraiba kyanite crystal is perfect for balancing erratic energy and remaining centered in protection.</p>
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    • Take My Breath Away Perfume

      for rejuvenation

      <p>This handcrafted blend lives up to its name with a clean scent like a breath of fresh air. Additionally, it’s packaged in a convenient amber-colored dropper bottle for all your aromatherapy needs.</p>
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    • Moon Magic Intention Journal

      for making dreams a reality

      Write down your innermost dreams and infuse them with lunar energy with this Moon Magic Intention Journal! This journal was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and was originally part of my New Moon Zodiac Magic: Capricorn Crystalize Intention Set - and now, it’s available on...
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    • Apothecary June 2024 Tools: Mini Honey Jar Set

      for healing & attraction magic

      <p>This set has everything you need to store your honey and seamlessly distribute it whenever needed. Work with this set to bring pleasure, healing, and a dose of sweetness to your magical practice.</p>
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    • Queen Bee Solid Perfume

      for comfort & balance

      <p>We infused this solid perfume with our Queen Bee Perfume. This handcrafted blend is an ode to the noble bees who have been an integral part of our collective consciousness.</p>
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    • Golden Aura Quartz Bee Bracelet

      for joy & optimism

      <p>This adjustable bracelet features high-vibrational golden aura quartz beads with golden metal alloy accents. It also features a golden-colored metal alloy bee with white zircon wings and a duo of golden aura quartz beads.</p>
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