• Red Flash Fire Ammonite

    for life force stimulation

    If you’re looking to energize your life force - this Red Flash Fire Ammonite from China is your gem best friend. Naturally iridescent, this gorgeous piece flashes with flames of red. Within it you’ll find ancient wisdom, grounding, healing, and revitalization. Fire ammonite stimulates life...
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  • Natural Orange Grossular Garnet

    for creating prosperity

    When you follow your passion and pleasure, abundance naturally follows - and that’s precisely the message that this Natural Orange Grossular Garnet from Pakistan holds. This is my first time offering grossular garnet in its orange variety, and I’m so excited to share its prosperous...
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  • Pure Prosperity Peridot and Citrine Ring

    for abundance

    I designed this Pure Prosperity Peridot and Citrine Ring just for you, with the intent of helping you manifest success and abundance. This gorgeous sterling silver ring was custom-made for us in India. It features three faceted citrine and one peridot with a lovely gold...
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  • Circle Opening Selenite Wand

    for channeling white light

    This single-terminated Circle Opening Selenite Wand from Morocco is a powerful tool for infusing your space with radiant, pure, positive frequencies as you go about your spiritual work. Selenite is named after moon goddess Selene, and its vibration is ceremonial and filled with angelic wisdom....
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  • Moonstone with Black Tourmaline Purpose and Protection Angel

    Create a channel to the celestial realms with this Moonstone with Black Tourmaline Purpose and Protection Angel from India. White moonstone brings feminine empowerment and symbolizes an answer to a prayer. If you’re seeking greater awareness of your purpose, white moonstone supports you in fulfilling...
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  • Tumbled Ruby in Biotite and Moonstone

    to renew passion

    This Tumbled Ruby in Biotite and Moonstone from India is a physical reminder that the power is in your hands. This piece features three energizing and elevating gemstones: Ruby, biotite, and moonstone. Ruby is a crystal of passion and enthusiasm, and biotite is often called...
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  • Song of Astraeus Perfume

    for cosmic journeying

    If you missed out on my Song of Astraeus Set, now’s your chance to get in on some of the magic! My Song of Astraeus Perfume is an alcohol-based fragrance blended with notes of myrtle, banana, fig, frankincense, and tangerine. This potion was created to...
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  • Tumbled Azurite

    for vision and psychic mastery

    This Tumbled Azurite from the Congo is a powerful talisman of psychic mastery, vision, confidence, and intellect. Azurite, also known as the Priestess Stone, was prized by Cleopatra, who believed it to grant her supernatural powers. It was also revered by famed clairvoyant Edgar Cayce,...
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  • Flower Engraved Clear Quartz Cabochon

    to raise the vibe

    Raise your vibration with this gorgeous Flower Engraved Clear Quartz Cabochon, custom-made just for Sage Goddess in India. Clear quartz is the most popular stone for good reason. It amplifies, magnifies, and you can program it to do almost anything. It can also be used...
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  • Success and Possibility Labradorite Ganesha

    Dreams become reality with this Success and Possibility Labradorite Ganesha! This offering was custom-made for Sage Goddess in India and combines the magic of Ganesha, the Hindu god of success, with labradorite’s energies of new beginnings, hope, possibility, and imagination. Labradorite is a stone of...
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  • Chrysocolla in Black Tourmaline Heart

    for divine truth

    Do you desire to speak with greater freedom, wisdom, and from a space of divine love? If so, this Chrysocolla in Black Tourmaline Heart from India is for you. This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Chrysocolla represents the union of the Divine Masculine...
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  • Prophecy Stone

    for activating your Third Eye Chakra

    Oh my goodness – Prophecy Stone is BACK in stock and I’m thrilled to offer it again! This rare gem was mined in Egypt’s White Desert, and is a goethite pseudomorph after marcasite. In layman's terms, this gem started out as marcasite and over time,...
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  • Natural Blue Zircon

    for clearing and manifestation

    Clear whatever’s standing in your way to manifesting the life of your dreams with this Natural Blue Zircon from Cambodia. Blue zircon clears negative and low vibrations and creates a space where happiness, joy, and healing flourish. It purifies and protects the mind, body, and...
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  • Jesus Beeswax Intention Candle

    for love and faith

    My Jesus Beeswax Intention Candle honors Jesus and his quest to cultivate a Divine love for humanity. According to the Bible and Christian tradition, the Virgin Mary challenged all scientific logic by immaculately conceiving Jesus Christ (Emmanuel), the Savior. Her holy son would change the...
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  • Natural Brazilian Sweet Dreams Sodalite and Hauyne

    This Natural Brazilian Sweet Dreams Sodalite and Hauyne radiates such soothing, peaceful energy. This gem came to us straight from Bahia, Brazil, and each piece contains hauyne - a rare, royal blue member of the silicate family that imparts peace, deepens meditation, and strengthens past...
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  • Mary Beeswax Intention Candle

    for comfort and kindness

    My Mary Beeswax Intention Candle honors the Virgin Mary and her otherworldly sense of love and compassion. According to the Bible and Christian tradition, Mary challenged all scientific logic by immaculately conceiving Jesus Christ (Emmanuel), the Savior. Mother Mary is not just the Mother of...
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