• Palo Santo Intention Trio

    for love, abundance, and peace

    This Palo Santo Intention Trio was lovingly engraved by hand right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, to help you purify and infuse your space with intentions of love, abundance, and peace. Shamans have worked with palo santo medicine for thousands of years. It’s physically and...
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  • Emotional Support Perfume Oil

    Need to release some tension? Originally from my Virgo New Moon Stress Relief Set, this handcrafted Emotional Support Perfume Oil is perfect to wear as a soothing perfume or to anoint your temples for physical and emotional comfort. This blend contains notes of lavender, Balsam...
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  • Dream Amethyst Soothing Beads

    for restful sleep and wellness

    If you missed out on my Virgo New Moon Stress Relief Set — great news! These gorgeous Dream Amethyst Soothing Beads are now available on their own! Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, the stone for these beads was sourced from China. This string of beads...
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  • Lepidolite Massage Wand

    for healing and tranquility

    Draw yourself into deeper states of tranquility and rest with this Lepidolite Massage Wand, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Lepidolite is a natural, crystalized form of lithium that lightens moods, regulates emotions, and has a calming, relaxing, and easing effect. It aids physical and emotional...
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  • Denver Find: Brass Singing Bell with Mango Wood Handle

    for Heart and Throat Chakra Healing

    The Denver Gem Show treasures keep getting better, which is why I’m so excited to share this Brass Singing Bell with Mango Wood Handle with you — there’s nothing like this on the market! This stunning piece features a solid brass singing bell with a...
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  • Mini Cosmic Stone Generator

    for spiritual growth

    Take your spiritual growth to new heights with this Mini Cosmic Stone Generator! This piece combines barite and carbon in quartz — making a potent gemstone that facilitates spiritual exploration and journeying. Barite rekindles faith, opens a channel to heaven, and transports you to other...
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  • Om Engraved Palo Santo

    for ancient healing

    My Om Engraved Palo Santo is BACK and ready to offer deep healing across all planes – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Shamans have worked with palo santo medicine for thousands of years. This sacred wood is often burned before and after ritual work, and...
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  • Peace, Love, and Power Wand

    for ease and heart-healing

    Call serenity, heart-healing, and balance into your life with this Peace, Love, and Power Wand from India. This gorgeous tool features amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz bonded together in a braided shape. Amethyst is all about connecting with Source and its name comes from...
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  • Blissful Body Massage Oil with Amber & Jasmine

    for sensual radiance

    Evoke your radiant beauty with my Blissful Body Massage Oil with Amber & Jasmine. Handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, this luxurious massage oil contains an intoxicating Divine Feminine blend of amber, jasmine, and white musk, all suspended in apricot oil. To add to...
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  • Mini Orange Aventurine Vogel

    for removing creative blocks

    Is your muse taking an extended vacation? This Mini Orange Aventurine Vogel is just what you need. This 6-sided Vogel is carved from orange aventurine — a gem that stimulates creativity and brings joy. It helps remove creative blocks and is a sexual healer. A...
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  • Rose Calcite Massage Wand

    for heart healing and bodywork

    Heal your heart and your physical body with this Rose Calcite Massage Wand. Rose calcite carries tender energies that help heal the inner child and a broken heart. It reconnects you with lost or hidden parts of your spirit and aids in trauma recovery. When...
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  • Ultimate Healing Eudialyte Generator

    for total wellness

    Total wellness and support are yours to claim with this Ultimate Healing Eudialyte Generator, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Eudialyte is a stone I’ve used for years in my own healing work. I began working with it when I was having central nervous system (CNS)...
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