• Denver Unpacking: Natural Barite

    for spiritual exploration

    The treasures just keep coming from the Denver Gem Show! Get ready to explore dimensions beyond our own with this Natural Barite from Morocco. This gem is not a beginner’s stone — it’s an immensely powerful tool for healing, journeying, and connecting with the higher...
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  • Palo Santo Incense Cone

    for cleansing and clearing

    Bring physical and spiritual healing to your space with this Palo Santo Incense Cone. Each cone is made of tiny compressed chips of palo santo and smolders with the essence of this holy wood. Palo santo deepens your connection with Divine Source and enhances meditation...
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  • Enhanced Intuition K2 Bracelet

    for psychic vision

    Open the door to profound psychic visions with this Enhanced Intuition K2 Bracelet! This stunning stretch bracelet features beads carved from K2 stone, which is a natural combination of granite, azurite, and malachite — a gateway to tremendous intuitive abilities and healing. The speckles in...
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  • Go with the Flow Scolecite Icosahedron

    for effortless ascension

    Be like water with this Go with the Flow Scolecite Icosahedron. You won’t find anything else like this on the market! The icosahedron is a three-dimensional symbol that encourages us to go with the flow, allowing for creativity and expression to flow effortlessly. It is...
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  • Denver Unpacking: Ancient Roman Glass with Herkimer Diamond Pendant

    for ancestral wisdom and healing

    This Ancient Roman Glass with Herkimer Diamond Pendant is destined to captivate for ages! Custom-made for the Denver Gem Show, this stunning offering features a piece of Roman glass wrapped in .925 sterling silver with two bezel-set faceted Herkimer diamond accents. It comes with a...
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  • Dream Amethyst Mini Vogel

    for healing and protection

    Are you in need of a little TLC after a long day with the kids or a difficult week at work? Call upon the peaceful and protective energy of your guides to restore both body and soul with this Dream Amethyst Mini Vogel. Dream amethyst...
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  • Moon Priestess Black Aura Quartz and Obsidian Crown

    for lunar magic

    Unleash your inner goddess with this gorgeous Moon Priestess Black Aura Quartz and Obsidian Crown. It was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stones were sourced from China. This crown was intricately crafted with a metal alloy moon, black aura quartz points, and black...
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  • Zebra Calcite Chalice

    for shadow work

    Explore both the light and dark aspects of your psyche with this gorgeous Zebra Calcite Chalice, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Zebra calcite is a combination of white calcite and black calcite — providing protective and deep healing energy from Root to Crown. It’s also...
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  • Denver Unpacking: Natural Tibetan Quartz

    for healing

    Looking for a powerful boost to your wellness regimen? Take care of both body and soul with this Natural Tibetan Quartz — another beautiful find from the Denver Gem Show! This high-vibrational stone was sourced from high-altitude Himalayan mines that are closed 80-90% of the...
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  • Pan Protection Body Butter

    for grounding and security

    Feeling energetically overwhelmed? My Pan Protection Body Butter is back to help you ground yourself as you soothe your skin. It’s handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters and infused with my Pan Protection Perfume — a shielding blend of coriander, mugwort, dragon’s blood, dark...
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  • Denver Unpacking: Angelic Connection Seraphinite Bracelet

    Another day, another treasure from the Denver Gem Show! If you want to bond deeply with your guides, this Angelic Connection Seraphinite Bracelet is your offering. This stretch bracelet features beads carved from seraphinite. Seraphinite’s flowing patterns resemble angels’ wings, created by manganese, aluminum, and...
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  • Denver After Dark: Natural Faden Quartz Cluster

    for growth

    Celebrate and accelerate growth with this RARE Natural Faden Quartz Cluster — another find from the Denver Gem Show! We’ve never had faden quartz clusters at Sage Goddess before, so I was extra excited when I found this stunning offering. Faden quartz grows in what’s...
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