• Natural Paraiba Kyanite

      for balance & protection

      $11.40 - $76.00 with coupon code
      <p>Paraiba kyanite crystal is a variety of blue kyanite combined with black tourmaline, graphite, and clear quartz. All combined in one stone, paraiba kyanite crystal is perfect for balancing erratic energy and remaining centered in protection.</p>
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    • Ruby Kyafuchsite Sphere & Vanilla Rose Massage Oil Duo

      for passion

      $44.84 - $52.44 with coupon code
      <p>Ruby kyafuchsite is a unique combination of ruby for passionate love, blue kyanite for alignment, and fuchsite for heart healing. We handcrafted our Vanilla Rose Massage Oil with an uplifting blend of vanilla, rose attar, and apricot oil.</p>
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    • Align to Prosperity Peridot, Blue Kyanite, and Amazonite Pendant

      $85.12 with coupon code
      Find your equilibrium and call in the abundance you seek with this custom-made Align to Prosperity Peridot, Blue Kyanite, and Amazonite Pendant! Made with .925 sterling silver, this pendant features an oval-shaped bezel-set amazonite at the top for clear expression, a rectangular prong-set blue kyanite...
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    • Mercury Retrograde Blue Kyanite & Blue Sapphire Pendant

      for support & guidance

      $95.00 with coupon code
      <p>This .925 sterling silver pendant features the Mercury symbol and two round, bezel-set cabochons: Blue kyanite and blue sapphire. We sourced both stones from India to provide you with peace, support, and guidance through retrograde.</p>
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    • Gemmy Tumbled Green Kyanite

      for health & well-being

      $12.92 with coupon code
      <p>This beautiful piece isn’t just a talisman of deep healing and alignment. It’s also an incredibly high-quality specimen, shimmering with a gorgeous earthy hue. Green kyanite brings inner peace, heals chakras, and draws you inward to connect with your deepest truth.</p>
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    • Silver Aura Kyanite Pendant

      for Divine Feminine power

      $6.84 - $18.24 with coupon code
      <p>This offering features a black kyanite spear dipped in silver, making a powerful talisman to awaken your feminine power. Black kyanite supports and grounds you — it’s instantly clearing, purifying, and energizing. The silver aura treatment adds a layer of Moon magic and protection.</p>
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    • Natural Blue Kyanite with Mica

      for wisdom and balance

      $22.04 - $37.24 with coupon code
      <p>This crystal is a stunning natural combination of blue kyanite and mica. Blue Kyanite is the most powerful stone for balance and alignment.</p>
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    • 12 Days of Holiday Intentions Gemstone Duo for Clearing

      $3.80 with coupon code
      Bad vibes, begone with this new 12 Days of Holiday Intentions Gemstone Duo for Clearing! This December, we’re kicking off the holiday season with 12 days of intentions, and today’s offering is all about cleansing yourself and your space of stagnant energy. It’s part of...
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    • Inspired Transformation Gemstone Pendant

      with black rutilated quartz, yellow sapphire, labradorite & blue kyanite

      $120.84 with coupon code
      Ready to step into your full potential? Tap into the vision and awareness you need to become the best version of yourself with this Inspired Transformation Gemstone Pendant. Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this piece features a stunning quartet of gemstones that encourage you to...
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    • Gold Aura Black Kyanite Spear

      for protection and courage

      $2.28 - $9.12 with coupon code
      Call forth courage and personal power while deflecting low vibes with this Gold Aura Black Kyanite Spear! This offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess with stone sourced from Brazil. It features natural black kyanite bonded with metals in a permanent treatment, resulting in a...
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    • Earth Star Chakra Gemstone Duo with Black Kyanite & Petrified Wood

      for grounding

      $3.42 with coupon code
      Every magical practitioner needs tools to keep them stable and grounded — and that sense of safety and centeredness is precisely what this Earth Star Chakra Gemstone Duo brings. It comes with a black kyanite spear and tumbled petrified wood, two gems that open the...
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    • Natural Black Kyanite Spear

      for instant clearing

      $1.90 - $3.04 with coupon code
      Wipe the slate clean with the instant energy-clearing action of this Natural Black Kyanite Spear - just one touch and negativity is gone. You can even tap it against your cell phone to clear any energy it may have gathered while scrolling through your social...
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