• Four Directions Bonded Sphere

      to create sacred space

      $34.20 with coupon code
      Call on the magic of North, East, South, and West with this Four Directions Bonded Sphere! This custom-made sphere is made with five different gemstones: Rainbow moonstone for North, yellow aventurine for East, red jasper for South, black tourmaline for West, and quartz for the...
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    • Mini Yellow Aventurine Power Sphere

      for confidence

      $3.80 with coupon code
      This Mini Yellow Aventurine Power Sphere is BACK to radiate strength and confidence. Yellow aventurine invokes fearless adventure and empowers you through lived experiences. It heals relationships, aids in manifestation, and strengthens your personal power. And you all know I’m a huge advocate of incorporating...
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    • Red Aventurine: Small Tumbled

      for perseverance and mental alertness

      $1.52 with coupon code
      Get ready and stay ready with this Tumbled Red Aventurine! If you need to get through something tough - staying alert and determined, red aventurine is your ally. Red aventurine is your “can-do” stone and clears trauma and releases stored toxins. It’s also regenerating, strengthening,...
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    • Tumbled White Aventurine

      for spiritual growth and peace

      $1.52 - $3.04 with coupon code
      If you’re in search of spiritual growth and peace, this Tumbled White Aventurine is for you. This stone was sourced from Canada. White aventurine is said to be the "mirror to the soul." It's your perfect ally when seeking emotional recovery, inner peace, clarity, and...
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    • Amplified Manifestation Bonded Extractor

      $53.20 - $57.00 with coupon code
      If you’re looking to release or move stuck energy and limiting thought patterns so you can manifest the life of your dreams, this Amplified Manifestation Bonded Extractor is the perfect tool for you. This piece was custom-made for Sage Goddess with four powerful stones, all...
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    • Blue Aventurine Spiritual Guidance Vogel

      for inner vision

      $14.44 - $22.04 with coupon code
      Looking to develop your psychic gifts? Tap into your inner clairvoyant with this Blue Aventurine Spiritual Guidance Vogel! The stone for this piece was sourced from India. Blue aventurine is a Third Eye Chakra stone that heightens your intuitive capacity and brings visions of future...
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    • Red Aventurine Hexagonal Gridding Plate

      to amplify energy

      $14.44 with coupon code
      Does the busy holiday season have you feeling frazzled? Do you need some of that ‘can-do’ energy? This Red Aventurine Hexagonal Gridding Plate is here to help! The stone for this energizing carving is from India. Red aventurine is a Root Chakra stone that also...
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    • Yellow Aventurine Angel of Courage

      for empowerment

      $4.56 with coupon code
      No matter what road you explore in life, you’re never truly alone – the encouragement of your angels constantly surrounds you! This NEW Yellow Aventurine Angel of Courage is a beautiful reminder that even when you’re worried or nervous, you’re supported by your celestial guardians....
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    • Blue Aventurine Intuitive Insight Pendulum

      $6.08 with coupon code
      Invoke the answers that lie within with this NEW Blue Aventurine Intuitive Insight Pendulum. The blue aventurine for this pendulum was sourced from India. This pendulum features a blue aventurine with six facets, and on the opposite end of the silver-color plated copper chain is...
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    • Good Luck Green Aventurine Gold-Trimmed Obelisk

      $25.84 - $29.64 with coupon code
      Grow to new heights of abundance with this NEW Good Luck Green Aventurine Gold-Trimmed Obelisk. This gorgeous offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone for the carving was sourced from India. This obelisk is painted around the bottom edge in a golden...
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    • Intuitively Chosen Merkaba Pendant

      for ascension

      $8.36 with coupon code
      Ascend into the higher realms with this NEW Intuitively Chosen Merkaba Pendant. It features a Merkaba carving in seven gemstone options with a silver-colored bail and chain. My team will intuitively choose the gemstone meant for you. You may receive: Green aventurine for growth, unakite...
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    • Quartz and Green Aventurine Abundance Angel

      for prosperity and growth

      $38.00 with coupon code
      Call in the support of the celestial realm to manifest your heart’s desires with this Quartz and Green Aventurine Abundance Angel. Quartz expands and intensifies energy and activates the Soul Star Chakra, your connection to the stars and other dimensions. Green aventurine is the stone...
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