• Natural Agni Manitite Pendant

      for personal power & manifestation

      <p>We had this pendant custom-made. It features a natural agni manitite prong set in .925 sterling silver. Agni manitite helps you tap into what brings true happiness and joy and speeds up manifestation.</p>
    • Agni Manitite Bracelet

      for empowered evolution

      <p>Agni manitite is an extremely rare crystal found only on the island of Java in Indonesia, and this is our very first time offering it in a bracelet. Slip on this bracelet to connect with your inner fire and feel divinely empowered to achieve your highest good.</p>
    • Agni Manitite Power Lion

      for empowerment

      Call forth otherworldly strength and divine empowerment with this Agni Manitite Power Lion, custom-made just for Sage Goddess! The lion symbolizes courage, honor, and power. This magnificent creature is associated with the Sun, the star that sustains life on Earth, and it represents the spirit-center...
    • Crystal Masters Exclusive: Agni Manitite Skull

      for manifestation power

      Hey, Crystal Masters! If you missed out on our Crystal Masters November 2022 tools, you can still get in on the magic with this Agni Manitite Skull. This beautiful carving was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from Indonesia. Agni manitite...
    • Pearl of Divine Fire Natural Agni Manitite

      to empower

      Meet this stunning and rare Pearl of Divine Fire Natural Agni Manitite from Indonesia. Agni manitite is a form of tektite, and its name comes from an ancient Sanskrit term "agni magni" meaning “pearl of divine fire.” This gem is named after Agni, the Hindu...

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