• Peaceful Purple Jade Slice

    for serenity

    This Peaceful Purple Jade Slice is as magical as it is beautiful. This crystal was sourced from Turkey and is a potent talisman of positivity, light-heartedness, and connection to higher realm wisdom. Purple jade activates the Crown Chakra and brings divine energies of protection, mercy,...
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  • Tucson Unpacking: Gold Trimmed White Agate Harmony Slice

    Ready for our latest find from the Tucson Gem Show? I can’t wait for you to experience the magic of this Gold Trimmed White Agate Harmony Slice! This gem is polished on both sides and has a rough edge painted in a golden color —...
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  • Tucson at Twilight: Bee Yourself Bumblebee Jasper Slice

    for joy

    Looking for a boost of upbeat energy? Fresh in from Tucson, this Bee Yourself Bumblebee Jasper Slice is the gem for you! This polished slice of bumblebee jasper is a striking, RARE piece of crystal magic. Bumblebee jasper is super special because the mine where...
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  • Agate Charging Plates for protection and balance

    These Agate Charging Plates are thick slices of magic to me. Each one so unique, full of concentric circles, variegated bands, and deep pools of color that are so characteristic of agate stones. Since ancient times, agate has been used as a protective talisman that...
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  • White Light Selenite Slice

    for purity and positivity

    Call on the radiant and purifying energy of Mother Luna with this White Light Selenite Slice! Selenite is a Crown Chakra stone that embodies full moon magic and is a crystal of peace, pure white light, and Divine Feminine power. This gypsum gem purifies spaces...
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  • Protection and Healing Enhydro Agate Slice

    Access potent stability, security, and ancient wisdom with this Protection and Healing Enhydro Agate Slice. Agate is a deeply protective stone, even mentioned in the Bible for its powers of protection. It comes in various colors and is perfect for staying emotionally sane and stable...
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  • Manage the Monkey Mind Hypersthene Slice

    It’s BACK! Is your internal chatter getting the best of you? Enjoy some clarity and calm with this Manage the Monkey Mind Hypersthene Slice. The stone was sourced from Egypt. Hypersthene is known as the stone of control and clarity. It helps you organize your...
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  • Hope and Optimism Cacholong Opal Slice

    for positivity

    Feel light and lifted with this gorgeous NEW Hope and Optimism Cacholong Opal Slice from Tanzania. Cacholong opal assists in bringing your life back into balance and rekindling hope and optimism. This gem promotes a positive mood and helps you feel protected. Historically, cacholong opal...
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  • Rutilated Quartz Courage to Change Meditation Stone

    Confidently embrace evolution with this NEW Rutilated Quartz Courage to Change Meditation Stone. The stone for this offering was sourced from Brazil. This polished slice of rutilated quartz fits perfectly in your bra or pocket, or place it in the palm of your hand to...
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  • Green Calcite Master Healer Slice

    for restoration

    Draw on the rejuvenating power of Mother Nature with this NEW Green Calcite Master Healer Slice. Green calcite is a Heart Chakra crystal that radiates soothing, peaceful energy and connects you with the faerie and earth realms. It stills the mind and brings relaxation, compassion,...
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  • Golden Healer Quartz Slice

    for wellness

    Embark on a path of spiritual and physical rejuvenation with this NEW Golden Healer Quartz Slice. The stone for this piece was sourced from Brazil. Golden healer quartz gets its warm yellow color from inclusions of iron oxide that add power, strength, and protection properties....
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  • Natural Diamond Master Healer Slice

    for regeneration

    I’m SO excited to bring back this Natural Diamond Master Healer Slice for you! This piece is absolutely stunning, and it was custom-made just for Sage Goddess. I love diamonds, and this is the real deal. Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend – but...
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