• Tuesday Treasures Sale: Ocean Jasper Egg

    This Ocean Jasper Egg is beautiful and uplifting. Ocean jasper is a stone of joy and high spirits that lifts the veil of negativity and helps you see things from a more positive point of view. It promotes playfulness, self-expression, relaxation, and infuses your words...
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  • Tuesday Treasures Sale: Rhodochrosite Egg

    This Rhodochrosite Egg renews the heart space and symbolizes fertility. Rhodochrosite, known as the Rose Stone, is a Heart Chakra stone of compassion, love, and self-awareness. The cosmic egg is a symbol of the entire universe and the balance of masculine and feminine. Eggs are...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Lepidolite Obelisk

    This Lepidolite Obelisk provides support and peace during times of uncertainty or stress. Lepidolite is a natural, crystallized form of lithium that grows with tourmaline and kunzite. It lightens moods, regulates emotions, and has a calming, relaxing, and easing effect. Its soothing essence brings serenity...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Natural Cubic Green Fluorite

    If you need help finding your purpose, this Natural Cubic Green Fluorite is your crystal ally! Green fluorite leads you to your intended path, bringing optimism for the future, and showing you how to move forward. Meditate with this gem to tap into the spiritual...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Poker Chip Pink Calcite Cluster

    Is your heart in need of healing? This Poker Chip Pink Calcite Cluster radiates tender energies of love and compassion. Work with it to activate your Heart Chakra and cultivate a deep sense of connection with yourself and those around you. This listing is for...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Polished Lemurian Blue Calcite Free Form

    This Polished Lemurian Blue Calcite Free Form is filled with divine wisdom. Lemurian blue calcite is a magical gem that brings happiness and peace. It opens and activates the Throat Chakra to promote clear, optimistic, and peaceful communication. This stone works powerfully at deflecting negative...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Natural Calcite and Chalcopyrite

    This Natural Calcite and Chalcopyrite deepens psychic ability while encouraging feelings of tranquility and joy. Chalcopyrite is all about transformation. This gem is also known as peacock ore and the Witch’s Stone and is filled with ancient wisdom and magic. It deepens psychic ability while...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Malachite Stalactite

    This Malachite Stalactite is a stone of deep feminine healing and spiritual evolution. Malachite is known as the Doula Stone because it heals the feminine reproductive system and aids the phases of childbirth. Stalactites are beautiful icicle-like crystal formations that hang from the ceiling of...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Natural Brookite Quartz Cluster

    This Natural Brookite Quartz Cluster facilitates interdimensional access, unity consciousness, and cosmic communication. Brookite is a Synergy 12 stone that promotes feelings of universal oneness and peace. This listing is for one (1) Natural Brookite Quartz Cluster. I have two sizes to offer you: Large...
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  • Gemstone Sale: White Calcite Sphere

    This White Calcite Sphere is a crystal of contentment and clarity. White calcite helps strengthen your spiritual practice and understanding. It raises consciousness, awakens psychic abilities, restores motivation, and accelerates growth and development. As a sphere, it radiates energy in all directions - making it...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Rainbow Moonstone Sphere

    Channel the magic of the full moon with this radiant Rainbow Moonstone Sphere! Rainbow moonstone resonates with the full moon phase - a time of celebration, gratitude, expansion, possibility, and fruition. Place this sphere in your sacred space and allow it to radiate pure, positive...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Peacock Ornament (Cloisonné)

    This Peacock Ornament (Cloisonné) is a symbol of your vibrance and unique beauty. The Peacock animal spirit brings a message of authenticity and self-expression. This sacred animal inspires you to show your true colors to the world with courage and pride. This listing is for...
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