• A-Grade Natural Teal Ocean Kyanite

      to speak your heart’s truth

      Speak your truth from the heart with this NEW A-Grade Natural Teal Kyanite. I was SO excited when I found this gorgeous stone at the Denver Gem Show – I just knew I had to grab a few! This offering really shows its beautiful colors...
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    • Channel of Light Tumbled Apophyllite

      Connect to Source and the highest vibrations with this very limited, SUPER exclusive, Channel of Light Tumbled Apophyllite from India. I don’t know when I’ll see this again - there’s not very much of it - and it’s just not something you see every day...
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    • 852 Hz Indigo Wah Wah Tube

      for psychic awakening

      An entire universe exists beyond what we can see with our human eyes, and this custom Sage Goddess 852 Hz Indigo Wah Wah Tube will help you see it with brilliant, vivid vision. Wah wah tubes produce smooth, bell-like tones that reverberate beautifully, deepening meditation...
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    • Tumbled Preseli Bluestone

      for visioning and intuition

      Looking for a guide for your vision work? This Tumbled Preseli Bluestone is for you! Preseli bluestone is a very unique gem and rarely found on the market. Not only is it sourced only from the U.K., but its material forms in the inner ring...
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    • Flamingo Jasper Sphere

      for stability and strength

      I’m sooo excited to share this stone with you all for the very first time. I knew you’d love it the minute I saw it! This NEW Flamingo Jasper Sphere brings nurturing energies, emotional stability, and a well-grounded approach to achieving your heart's desires. Flamingo...
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    • Natural Blue Barite

      for spiritual exploration

      Get ready to explore realms beyond our own with this Natural Blue Barite from Morocco. This gem is an immensely powerful tool for healing, journeying, and connecting with the higher realms. Barite activates the upper chakras and is said to originate from Atlantis. I call...
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    • Tumbled Starry Jasper

      for protection during physical and astral travel

      I’m completely mesmerized every time I gaze at this stone. This Tumbled Starry Jasper is gorgeous – a combination of red, black, and white jasper with veins of sparkly pyrite. This gem offers deep protection during astral and physical traveling. Keep starry jasper with you...
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    • Golden Mica and Albite Astral Travel Acceleration Generator

      Take an intentional step outside of your reality and expand into new dimensions with this Golden Mica and Albite Astral Travel Acceleration Generator. This offering is BRAND NEW to Sage Goddess, and the stone for this carving was sourced from Brazil. This six-sided generator is...
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    • Natural Pakimer Diamond

      for elevated vibrations

      This gorgeous Natural Pakimer Diamond is BACK to keep your vibration high! Pakimer diamond has the same properties and qualities as Herkimer diamond except it’s mined in Pakistan instead of Herkimer, New York. This pakimer diamond was sourced from the Drazanda area of Pakistan, an...
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    • Green Kyanite Healing Heart

      for peace and wellness

      Gain peace, healing, and access to worlds beyond with this Green Kyanite Healing Heart. This beautiful stone was sourced from Pakistan. Green kyanite is a healing stone that brings inner peace and draws you inward to connect with your deepest truth. It opens portals to...
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    • Tumbled Blue Pietersite: Medium

      for peace and intuition

      If you need peace, enhanced intuition, and transformation in your life, this Tumbled Blue Pietersite is the stone for you! This beautiful stone was sourced from Namibia, South Africa. Blue pietersite activates the Third Eye Chakra for expanded vision and awareness and the Solar Plexus...
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    • Tumbled Green Kyanite

      for healing and peace

      If you’re looking for peace, healing, and access to worlds beyond, this Tumbled Green Kyanite from Pakistan is for you. Green kyanite resonates with the Heart and Root Chakras. It opens portals to inner domains and supports astral travel. Green kyanite also helps you access...
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