• Scolecite 3D Metatron’s Cube

    for higher realm connection

    Looking to connect with Spirit and access higher realm knowledge? Look no further than this magnificent Scolecite 3D Metatron's Cube, custom-made exclusively for Sage Goddess. Metatron’s Cube contains all of the sacred shapes in the universe. It’s found in the Flower of Life and represents...
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  • Boom Shiva Ritual Incense

    for divination and astral travel

    Boom Shiva is BACK in the shop! Whoop whoop! My Boom Shiva Ritual Incense is a magical herb blend that contains ingredients used for centuries to support astral travel, divination, and vision quests. Those of you who’ve been SG customers for a while probably know...
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  • Tucson Unpacking: Natural Moldavite

    for cosmic evolution

    The Tucson treasures just keep coming! Get beamed up to the mothership and tap into wisdom from beyond this world with this Natural Moldavite! Moldavite is a tektite formed by a meteorite impact, and the first pieces were found in the Moldau River Valley in...
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  • Channel of Light Tumbled Apophyllite

    Connect to Source and the highest vibrations with this very limited, SUPER exclusive, Channel of Light Tumbled Apophyllite from India. I don’t know when I’ll see this again - there’s not very much of it - and it’s just not something you see every day...
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  • Libyan Gold Tektite

    for out-of-this-world wisdom

    Tap into the intelligence of the cosmos and realms beyond our world with this Libyan Gold Tektite. I’m so excited to be offering this special stone again! Tektites are glass-like objects created by meteorite collisions with terrestrial rocks, and Libyan tektites are the rarest of...
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  • Tumbled Covellite

    for Third Eye Chakra activation

    It’s BACK! Take your intuition to the next level with this Tumbled Covellite. Covellite is an incredibly powerful Third Eye Chakra stone that helps to unlock your psychic gifts. It gives you the power to turn your psychic visions and dreams into reality and strengthens...
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  • Light in the Dark Handcarved Owl

    for guidance

    Channel the wisdom of the night with this Light in the Dark Handcarved Owl. This enchanting talisman of support and guidance was hand-carved in Peru from white alabaster, a balancing, calming, and supportive stone. The owl animal spirit has long been linked with prophecy and...
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  • Tucson Unpacking: Natural Lepidolite with Albite and Green Tourmaline

    for peace and healing

    It feels like Christmas unpacking all the treasures we brought back from the Tucson Gem Show — and this beauty was one of my favs! This Natural Lepidolite with Albite and Green Tourmaline from Brazil was an amazing find, and I’m so excited to share...
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  • 852 Hz Indigo Wah Wah Tube

    for psychic awakening

    An entire universe exists beyond what we can see with our human eyes, and this custom Sage Goddess 852 Hz Indigo Wah Wah Tube will help you see it with brilliant, vivid vision. Wah wah tubes produce smooth, bell-like tones that reverberate beautifully, deepening meditation...
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  • Inner Wisdom Labradorite Owl

    for intuition

    If you’re ready to expand your vision, this custom-made Inner Wisdom Labradorite Owl is your ally. Labradorite embodies potential, opens your senses, and is an excellent tool for setting new moon intentions. When carved into the shape of the owl spirit animal, its properties of...
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  • Tumbled Preseli Bluestone

    for visioning and intuition

    Looking for a guide for your vision work? This Tumbled Preseli Bluestone is for you! Preseli bluestone is a very unique gem and rarely found on the market. Not only is it sourced only from the U.K., but its material forms in the inner ring...
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  • Manifest Your Dreams Covellite and Chalcopyrite Palm Stone

    Take your inner vision to a whole new level with this Manifest Your Dreams Covellite and Chalcopyrite Palm Stone. Covellite promotes the ability to manifest psychic visions and dreams and strengthens faith and devotion. Chalcopyrite is all about transformation, transmutation, and shape-shifting into whatever you...
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