• Divine Healing Amethyst and Super 7 Braided Leather Choker Necklace

      Connect with soothing celestial energy to restore both body and soul with this Divine Healing Amethyst and Super 7 Braided Leather Choker Necklace. You’ve been asking for more leather jewelry, and here it is! This gorgeous custom choker features genuine braided leather with a snap...
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    • Dream Amethyst Soothing Beads

      for restful sleep and wellness

      If you missed out on my Virgo New Moon Stress Relief Set — great news! These gorgeous Dream Amethyst Soothing Beads are now available on their own! Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, the stone for these beads was sourced from China. This string of beads...
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    • Double Terminated Amethyst Wandlet Necklace

      for divine connection

      Enhance your spirituality with this NEW Double Terminated Amethyst Wandlet Necklace. This stunning offering features a double terminated amethyst wandlet horizontally set in a golden-colored metal alloy. It also comes with an attached black cord chain that has a golden-colored star-shaped charm dangling from the...
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    • Amethyst and Rudraksha Seed Spiritual Connection Mala

      Enhance your spiritual journey with this Amethyst and Rudraksha Seed Spiritual Connection Mala. The beads for this beautiful offering were sourced from India. This mala was made with alternating amethyst and five-faced Rudraksha seed beads, both powerful for strengthening your connection with Source and furthering...
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    • “Sacred” Amethyst Necklace

      for spiritual evolution

      I LOVE sharing offerings with you that have a personal touch of my own! Fully embrace your spiritual evolution and connect with your higher self with this custom-made “Sacred” Amethyst Necklace. It’s a replica of my own handwriting in .925 sterling silver with an attached...
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