• Specimen: Polished twin clear quartz points

    $ 75.00
    These polished twin clear quartz points feature a twin point clear quartz gemstone for double the magnification magic. Clear quartz is a powerful crystal that amplifies energy and magnifies whatever you place your intentions on. Clear quartz has three major properties: Amplification, programmability, and memory....
  • Specimen: Scarab statues

    $ 69.00
    If you are on the edge of change, at the crossroad of your unfolding, then these scarab statues are for you – and they’re ready to usher you on their wings to higher possibilities. The scarab is a sacred symbol in ancient Egypt and its...
  • Specimen: Epidote with moonstone and angelite pillar

    $ 300.00
    This epidote, moonstone, and angelite pillar is a beautiful talisman of healing, intuition, and celestial connection power. Epidote helps you to release negativity, bringing more of what will further you towards your highest good. Moonstone connects you with the divine feminine and strengthens your intuition,...
  • Specimen: Flower of Life Light Up Display

    $ 49.00
    This Flower of Life Light Up Display creates such sweet tranquility and casts oneness energy throughout any space. Plug this display in at your bedside, in your ceremony room, or even as a desk lamp to send out a current of life-giving light. May this...
  • Specimen: Black onyx spheres

    $ 45.00
    Can you use some support in seeing your goals and dreams through to the end? These black onyx spheres are here to serve. Black onyx is a stone of will, strength, and endurance that will work with you as you fulfill on your tasks and...
  • Specimen: Fancy jasper generator

    $ 114.00
    Wanting to release something and not sure how or if you're completely ready to do so? Then this fancy jasper generator will assist you in letting go of the feelings, thoughts, and experiences that are weighing you down. The Stone of Tranquility, fancy jasper brings...
  • Specimen: Scheelite healing wands

    $ 49.00
    If you have wanted to explore the outer limits of your own creativity, look no further, these Scheelite Healing Wands are your tools. Scheelite helps to balance the Higher Self with the Inner Self and brings an energy of wellbeing and clarity to the mental...
  • Specimen: Simbircite with Pyrite

    $ 41.00
    Have some fears you'd like to overcome? This beautiful simbircite with pyrite can help with that. Simbircite with pyrite stimulates vital energies, absorb negativity, and can also empower you with confidence and decision making. Measures 1-1.5".
  • Specimen: Blue and pink tourmaline in matrix

    $ 195.00
    This Blue and Pink Tourmaline in Matrix is healing to the Heart and Third Eye Chakras. Pink tourmaline purifies and heals issues surrounding the heart and cleanses and nourishes the emotional body, creating a sense of wholeness. Blue tourmaline helps to develop psychic abilities and...
  • Specimen: Opaline Palm Stones

    $ 196.00
    Are you looking to enhance your psychic abilities? If so, these opaline palm stones will serve you well! Work with these gems to deepen your connection to all that lies beyond view. Hold them close as you meditate, read Tarot cards, or simply as you...
  • Mega Shiva Lingam for activating sexual expression and attraction

    $ 900.00
    These mega shiva lingam specimens absolutely live up to their name. They are some of the largest I’ve ever encountered, and their energy is SO POTENT. Measuring a whopping (approx.) 24" in length, and weighing in the very heavy neighborhood of 185 lbs., (luckily shipping...
  • Specimen: Higher Conscious Tourmaline in Quartz

    $ 232.00
    This Higher Conscious Tourmaline in Quartz is a beautiful combination of three types of tourmaline: blue, brown, and green. When these stones marry as one, what you get is one incredible source of intuition, wisdom, and grounding. Measures about 4".
  • Specimen: Rare Calcite and Fluorite Stones

    $ 35.00$ 145.00
    Raise your vibration, expand your consciousness, and connect with your soul purpose with these rare Calcite and Fluorite stones! These gems will evoke your innermost spiritual gifts and lead you in sharing them with the world, fearlessly and authentitcally. There are four sizes to choose...
  • Specimen: Lazulite in Matrix

    $ 130.00
    This beautiful Lazulite in matrix opens the Throat Chakra for easy and flowing communication, while promoting positive thoughts, peace, and stability. Measures 4.5".
  • Specimen: Kamererite Slab

    $ 69.00
    Made of a combination of Chlinochore and Chronium. Chlinochlore detoxifies and chronium regulates. Kamererite realigns all chakras, aids in spiritual detoxification, and facilitates understanding and acceptance. Measures ~1".
  • Huge Amethyst Points for peace and Divine clearing

    $ 449.00$ 549.00
    You’ve seen amethyst points before...but never like this! These are pure, stunning, giant beauties - like something out of a magical prehistoric fantasy world. They are so big and so mesmerizing it's almost hard to believe they are real. But they are. I hand-picked every...

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