• Gemstone Sale: Trolleite with Lazulite Generator

    $ 99.00
    These trolleite with lazulite generators are beautiful talismans of magic. Trolleite connects you to the higher realms to bring wisdom and healing. It facilitates a deep release of fear, anger, and pain in order to propel you towards ascension and enlightenment. Lazulite is a Throat...
  • Gemstone Sale: Orange Calcite Sphere

    $ 110.00
    These orange calcite spheres are so juicy and radiate a special, sensual magic. Orange calcite activates the Sacral Chakra, your pleasure center. Everything you build in your life, everything you birth, comes through your Sacral Chakra. These orange calcite spheres embody creativity and possibility. Add...
  • Gemstone Sale: Yellow Fluorite Bowls

    $ 110.00
    These yellow fluorite bowls are exquisite pieces of money-drawing magic. A rare stone of the yellow ray, yellow fluorite activates the Solar Plexus Chakra to help you feel powerful and possible. It attracts resources to you and manifests your visions. This listing is for one...
  • Gemstone Sale: Rutilated Smoky Quartz Specimen

    $ 599.00
    These rutilated smoky quartz specimens are so special and I can't wait for you to feel their magic for yourself. Rutilated quartz cultivates joy by absorbing negative energies around you. It also deepens psychic ability and opens you to spiritual inspiration. This is a stone...
  • Gemstone Sale: Golden Sheen Obsidian Heart Pendant

    Rated 4.50 out of 5
    $ 49.00
    These golden sheen obsidian heart pendants are powerful to wear when engaging in shadow work! This gem allows us to face the darkest aspects of ourselves with confidence and compassion, free of judgment, fear, and uncertainty. Wear this pendant in meditation or ritual to begin...
  • Gemstone Sale: Okenite in Calcite

    $ 500.00
    This okenite in calcite is full of healing and peaceful vibrations. Okenite purifies, unites, and helps you complete cycles and release the past. Self-forgiveness comes easier with this gem as your ally. Calcite brings feelings of peace and well-being and removes negative energy. Calcite raises...
  • Gemstone Sale: Skeletal Elestial Smoky Quartz with Sagenite

    $ 900.00
    Expand and transform your spiritual journey with this skeletal elestial smoky quartz with sagenite gemstone. This skeletal elestial with its needlelike structures, or sagenite, will powerfully pull you into alignment with your divine path, restore your flow of energy, and bring you a wonderful sense...
  • Gemstone Sale: Garnierite Pillar

    $ 249.00
    Are you seeking to empower and embrace your divine self? These garnierite pillars will serve as a firm foundation for you to manifest what you desire. This stone will give you the boost of energy and love you’ll need to press forward toward your dreams...
  • Gemstone Sale: Uvarovite prasiolite peridot necklace

    $ 999.00
    This uvarovite prasiolite peridot necklace is a sacred offering of abundance and prosperity magic! Each of these stones is powerful crystals of expansion and will bring greater wealth, success, spiritual guidance, and inspiration to you! This listing is for one (1) uvarovite prasiolite peridot necklace.
  • Gemstone Sale: Rainbow hematite

    $ 149.00
    This rainbow hematite is deeply healing. Rainbow hematite contains the full spectrum of the rainbow, empowering it to assist in aligning all seven chakras. It is a stone of union between the Spirit and the physical world. It dissolves low vibrations, increases energy, and keeps...
  • Gemstone Sale: Dravite crystals

    $ 40.00
    If you're doing shadow work, these dravite crystals will be your talisman. Dravite facilitates shadow integration, helping you to access and accept both parts of yourself, the light and the dark. Dravite is a potent energy cleanser that helps you let go of the emotional...
  • Gemstone Sale: Sunset Aura Quartz Spheres

    $ 72.00
    These sunset aura quartz spheres are like having a personal daily sunset, in the comfort of your very own sacred space! Sunset aura quartz radiates love and creative energy and will bring you a sense of peace and deep connection – with yourself and with...
  • Gemstone Sale: Mixed Brown Sapphire Necklaces

    $ 275.00
    These top grade mixed brown sapphire necklaces are not only deeply magical in their history and reputation, but they are also exquisite in their beauty. Each bead strung on this necklace works synergistically to create a loop of potent wisdom and calming and grounding energy....
  • Gemstone Sale: Druzy Septarian Spheres

    $ 300.00
    Are you undergoing a time of transformation? If so, these Druzy Septarian Spheres are here to assist you. Work with this otherworldly specimen to call in your spirit guides and unlock some of the deepest wisdom that Earth has to offer. This listing is for...
  • Gemstone Sale: Layers of Grounded Calcite

    $ 40.00
    These Layers of Grounded Calcite are beautiful pieces of Earth wisdom and magic! Banded brown calcite helps lessen fear and is a great stone to work with to transmute lower frequency energies. A purifying stone, brown calcite is grounding, brings joy, and connects you to...
  • Gemstone Sale: Solar Quartz Rings

    $ 49.00
    These Solar Quartz Rings look like the sun and flowers in one piece. Like crystal quartz, it magnifies the energy all around you enhancing your intentions, desires, wishes, and opening your Soul Star Chakra. This listing is for one (1) Solar Quartz Ring. I have...

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