• Gemstone Sale: Fancy Bloodstone Generator

    $ 114.00$ 154.00
    Are you in need of healing? If so, this fancy bloodstone generator is your offering. Fancy bloodstone is a combination of fancy jasper and bloodstone, providing grounding, protection, serenity, and improvement to overall health. This listing is for one (1) Fancy Bloodstone Generator. I have...
  • Gemstone Sale: Green, Pink, and Watermelon Tourmaline in Quartz Matrix

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $ 35.00
    Magical doesn’t even begin to describe these green, pink, and watermelon tourmaline in quartz matrix! Green tourmaline brings compassion, pink tourmaline brings love and heart healing, and watermelon brings wisdom and promotes mental sharpness. Quartz amplifies and magnifies all these properties. This listing is for...
  • Gemstone Sale: Tiffany Stone 925 Rings

    $ 79.00
    Relish in the power of the moment with this beautiful Tiffany stone 925 ring. Tiffany stone is a high vibrational stone that clears blockages of the meridians and chakras. If you’re looking to set stronger intentions and be fashionably adorned while doing so, this is...
  • Gemstone Sale: Gypsum Rosette

    $ 700.00
    This gypsum rosette is not only gorgeous but is also a beautiful gem of positivity and light. This gypsum rosette brings you energies of happiness, peace, and creation. Work with your gypsum rosette in meditation or set on your altar to harness its harmonious, positive...
  • Gemstone Sale: Brown Rhodochrosite Smudge Bowl with Intuitive Smudge Bundle

    $ 399.00
    Bask in the ethereal, healing magic of these brown rhodochrosite smudge bowls with intuitive smudge bundle. Rhodochrosite is a gem of compassion and healing and brings self-awareness. This is a stone of possibility that brings self-love, kindness, and love from and for others. With the...
  • Gemstone Sale: Ceramic Flower Rings

    $ 29.00$ 32.00
    These ceramic flower rings are stunning and perfect for summer! Flowers are perfectly crafted by Mother Nature herself and are each unique and beautiful in their own way. Wear your ceramic flower ring as a reminder of your own unique beauty - inside and out!...
  • Gemstone Sale: Ceramic Buddha Statue

    $ 199.00
    This ceramic Buddha statue is a totem of peace, wisdom, and enlightenment. Place this beautiful statue in your meditation room, garden, workspace, or anywhere you wish to infuse with the magic of Zen. This listing is for one (1) ceramic Buddha statue. Measures about 18".
  • Gemstone Sale: Smoky Quartz Necklace

    $ 499.00
    This smoky quartz necklace is absolutely stunning! Smoky quartz transforms and transmutes energies - it takes whatever is negative or of a low vibration and holds it away from the bearer. Wear this necklace to bring protection; allow smoky quartz's magic to purify your aura....
  • Gemstone Sale: Amethyst Cactus Quartz

    $ 12.00
    What an offering these amethyst cactus quartz specimens are! Amethyst brings peace, balance, purification, and is detoxifying. The formations of this crystal jut out in every direction, resembling a cactus, so each one is unique and special. Amethyst also opens and activates your Crown Chakra,...
  • Gemstone Sale: Black Onyx Generator

    $ 89.00
    Are you currently undergoing challenges? Or do you simply wish to invite more grounding, courage, and protection into your life? This black onyx generator will bring this and so much more. Black onyx will center you and bring focus and incomparable strength. Whichever it is...
  • Gemstone sale: Garnierite Pillar

    $ 289.00
    Are you seeking to empower and embrace your divine self? This garnierite pillar will serve as a firm foundation for you to manifest what you desire. This stone will give you the boost of energy and love you’ll need to press forward toward your dreams...
  • Gemstone Sale: Picasso Jasper Rings

    $ 69.00
    These gorgeous Picasso jasper rings look like Mother Nature took a turn as an abstract expressionist and her medium was jasper! This grounding stone holds you as you transform from within, navigating the storms and changes of your life with grace. It also helps with...
  • Gemstone Sale: Amethyst Geode Towers

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $ 92.00
    These amethyst geode towers are truly magical, jaw-dropping towers of peace, tranquility, and ethereal magic. Geodes are special formations, unassuming on the outside but lined with crystal magic on the inside, crafted by Gaia herself. Amethyst is a powerful Crown Chakra gemstone that brings peace,...
  • Gemstone Sale: Malacupracolla

    $ 99.00
    These malacupracolla pieces are stunning and hold the magic of not one, but two stones. Malacupracolla is a combination of malachite and chrysocolla - it brings the powerful feminine healing of malachite together with the patience, expressiveness, and wisdom of chrysocolla. This gem will open...
  • Gemstone Sale: Elestial Quartz with Sagenite

    $ 825.00
    This elestial quartz with sagenite is SO special! Sagenitic quartz is transparent quartz that contains acicular rutile, needle-like crystal inclusions. This isn’t regular rutilated quartz you’re used to seeing – to my knowledge, this is the only form of rutile that creates perfect triangles. Triangles...
  • Gemstone Sale: Natural Morganite

    $ 59.00$ 89.00
    I'm so excited to offer you these beautiful pieces of natural morganite! There is no greater stone of love than morganite - it heals love relationships and opens your heart to love after heartbreak. Morganite also powerfully brings an abundance of love to you. This...

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