• Glass Droppers for Your AroMagic Drams

    $ 1.50$ 5.00
    These glass droppers are perfect for all your AroMagic drams and eclectic aromatherapy uses. When our AroMagic students request, we deliver! Finally, Sage Goddess brings convenient apothecary tools for mixing and application of your priceless essential oils. Doing spiritual work is a beautiful, yet vulnerable...
  • Power Diffuser Dram for empowerment, clarity, and restoration

    $ 29.00
    You’re in for a treat with this 100% essential oil Power Diffuser blend with citrus notes such as tangerine and mandarin - intended to give you more power and confidence. Our bodies are vehicles for the sensory gifts we’re given and this essential oil is...
  • AroMagic Bonus: B. Caapi Herb Tin

    $ 24.00
    Dear ones, this is a very special and limited offering. As an add on for your AroMagic class, I will do a bonus class session on b.caapi. This listing is for members of AroMagic and Holistic Healer only. If you are not enrolled in these...
  • AroMagic Bonus Kit: Passion Incense for fiery sexy time magic

    $ 12.00
    If you were in February's AroMagic class, then you remember me talking about a recipe for you to make a Passion Incense. I've decided to offer you this incense custom made at SG just for you, to go along with your widening collection of aromatherapy...
  • Sage Goddess 2017 AroMagic Classes

    $ 20.00
    AroMagic is my new co-ed course on aromatherapy and herbal magic. Each month, we will learn about two essential oils and two herbs that relate to a central theme. Members will learn not only what the metaphysical properties and uses of the herbs and oils...
    Rated 5.00 out of 5

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